212 Degrees: The Extra Degree

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By Jarrod Spencer –

Missing something by a fraction can make a huge difference. A kicker on a football team may miss a field goal because he went a bit too far right or left. A chemistry experiment may become volatile because the mixture was measured with just a little bit of error. There can be so many things in life that a small difference can make “all the difference” in the world!

Two hundred eleven degrees in water is nothing but hot water. It will burn you, but other than that, there isn’t much of anything special about it. But if you cause that water to become just one degree hotter…magic happens. Bubbles start to form. Power comes forth from where there was no power.

Two hundred twelve degrees is the boiling point of water. When water boils things happen that didn’t happen prior. Think of all the recipes that direct you to bring something to boil. Think of the first locomotives that were driven by steam, and the power they produced to carry heavy loads from one coast to another. Think of the germs that are killed through steam or the wrinkles in clothes that are ironed out because of steam.

Steam comes as a result of the boiling water. There is a lot of power that comes in steam and boiling. But it all “boils” down to the fact that none of that would have happened if it had not been for the extra degree …from 211 to 212 degrees.

As you are in your second month of 2012 think about moving from the degree you are now to moving another degree and imagine the impact that you/we can make for God as we produce some amazing power!

PRAYER: Father, You are amazing. You blow me away! You were willing to go to the extra degree for us to make sure that we could regain the glory we lost when sin separated us from You and that is simply awesome! Thanks for thinking of me (and others) by allowing us to have Your Son to make us whole again!

“And I told no one what my God had put into my heart to do for Jerusalem.” (Nehemiah 2:12b NIV).

About Jarrod Spencer

Today’s devotional is by Jarrod Spencer. He is a seeker of God’s surprises in everyday life. He has a passion for encouraging people through the written word. You can read more of his writings at http://jarrodspencer.blogspot.com and visit his church’s website at www.colbychurch.com.
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2 Responses to “212 Degrees: The Extra Degree”
  1. Robin Steinweg says:

    I’ve never before thought about that one degree between hot and boiling. Well done to apply it to our spiritual selves! This illustration will be a catalyst.

  2. Hally Franz says:

    Sometimes, we don’t recognize how much difference just a bit more effort, a bit more time, a bit more study, or a bit more love can make in our own life or in the lives of others. Thanks for pointing out that much can be gained by that extra degree!

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