Remembering to Think

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By Janet Morris Grimes –

“Can you get out the GPS and run a search for the name of this restaurant? I know it is around here somewhere.”

My daughter, Malloree, proceeded to do so while we waited at a red light. It took a minute for our global positioning system to determine our exact spot on the globe, and then we focused our attention on that tiny screen, making sure to spell the name of the restaurant correctly. A honk from behind notified me that it was time for us to move on; the light had turned green.

The GPS calculated, then recalculated, directing us through a route that made little sense. After going a few blocks down one road, it directed us to turn around and follow that same road in the opposite direction.

“In one mile,” the stoic voice predicted, “you will reach your destination.”

“Good. At least we are close,” my daughter, remarked, checking the time she was supposed to meet her friends.

We scoured both sides of the multi-laned road for this restaurant, as the GPS counted down the yards until we supposedly reached it. Soon, it gave us the signal that we had passed it. But it was still nowhere to be found.

In frustration, I turned on the road circling the mall; the same road we had originally started on. Within seconds, the restaurant was there; right beside us as we waited at another red light.

“Um, Mom. This is the same red light. We were sitting beside the restaurant when I got out the GPS. ”

Ooops. How could we have missed it?

Maybe it’s because somewhere along the way, with all of our helpful gadgets, we have forgotten to think for ourselves. I used to know the number of everyone in my calling circle by heart. But now, if I lost the numbers in my phone for some reason, I would only be able to call about 3 people from memory.

The same is true for the GPS. I used to be able to worm my way through unknown streets, checking for clues and learning my way around. Now, I am dependent on that GPS to count down my turns for me, rarely paying attention to the names of streets, nor how I reached my destination.

Wisdom comes through experience, wise counsel, and a constant desire to learn.

I trust that as God leads me through the confusing paths of day to day life, I would do better to keep my eyes and ears open, depending on what He has taught me thus far rather than some quirky little gadget or shortcut.

BIBLE VERSE: (referring to wisdom) “Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.” (Proverbs 8:34 NIV)

PRAYER: Dear God, Help us to have the wisdom to watch for signs of You everywhere.

About Janet Morris Grimes

Janet is the author of The Parent's Guide to Uncluttering Your Home, released in April of 2011 through Atlantic Publishing. She launched Abbandoned Ministries in 2010, which leads others through her writing and speaking to seek God, as Abba, during times of abandonment. She currently writes monthly for Christian Woman Today, the grief website Open to Hope, and Mamapedia. For additional information on Janet, visit her website at or
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One Response to “Remembering to Think”
  1. Hally Franz says:

    Excellent point! And, sometimes our own human intelligence works far better than those supposedly full-proof gadgets and machines.

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