Knowing Who to Trust

By Cami Checketts –

We are all bombarded by blogs, magazine articles, books and infomercials about the most effective way to become fit and healthy. If you look hard enough you can find a research study or article by a respected expert to back up just about any theory or trend that comes along.

How do you know who to trust?

1. Start with the basics. Is this new exercise or diet revolution grounded in basic health principles? If you don’t know the basics of healthy eating or exercise check out American College of Sports Medicine (, basic guidelines for health (, or USDA’s website (

2. Look at the claims. Anything that’s fast and easy is usually not going to be healthy and effective for the long-term. Extra pounds lost quickly usually come back on just as quickly. Make sure you are making choices that are going to help you be healthy for life–not just be five pounds lighter for vacation.

3. Look at the research study. I read a fitness article claiming to have the “best way for women over 40 to lose fat.” They had done a research study with twelve women over a period of six weeks. Wow! I could conduct that study with my lunch pals and probably get different results. If you’re considering investing time or money in a product or program, make sure the studies are valid. They should be done for an extended period of time with a large group of participants. Also, I like to see several different studies coming to the same conclusion before I really trust the results or share the idea with others.

4. Listen to your gut. You know instinctively what is true and what isn’t. If something doesn’t sound right for you (even if it works for every friend, neighbor and family member), it probably isn’t.

5. Listen to the Lord. He cares for us in every aspect of our lives. Go to Him for inspiration and help. He will never lead you astray.

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