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Reviewed by Mark Bowyer –

Jamie Willard can say so much—without ever saying a word. This is what I discovered while exploring the amazing guitar handiwork that is his music. Lyric-less Christian Acoustic Guitar Music? I was skeptical at first as well. Well, I am skeptic-no-more. Excelsis Deo is not a Christmas album as you might think. It is instead a fascinating dive into uncharted musical waters. With works such as “Between Two Thieves,” “Forgiveness” and “The Prodigal Son,” the speed and dexterity of Jamie’s fingers on his guitar speak to the hearer—telling a musical story of sorts.

When it comes to intricate finger-style guitar work, there are few others out there who can compare to Jamie Willard’s decades of greatness. He has been the opening act for famous country artists the world over, and has a group called Symple Measures. Rhythmically, his style may take some getting used to—compared to mainstream Christian artists out there—but that is what is so refreshing about the album Excelsis Deo. It is not your typical predictable Christian music and is open to wide independent interpretation.

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