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Review by Mark Bowyer –

Just like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, the extra not mentioned in the credits of a TV show or the stage manager silently calling the cues for a big production, so is the songwriter, worship leader and author, Matt Redman. He is a talent whose works are known and who is worthy of recognition. It is more likely that you have heard a more prominent artist covering one of his original songs, like “Heart of Worship” and “Blessed Be Your Name,” but this Christian worship leader from across the pond is just as accomplished as any of his contemporaries.

Having albums dating back to 1993, Redman has been using music for God’s glory for quite a while now.  “We Shall Not Be Shaken” came out in 2009. This would be his most recent example to find. The song “This is How We Know” really speaks to Redman’s commitment to getting out the Gospel message. However, not being limited in any way, Matt Redman, a father to five and a church planter, continues to be a pioneer in relevant, transcending worship music. Redman has surely made his presence known on the Christian music scene whether it is your local radio station or around the world.  You may have already heard some of his music being covered and not even known it.

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