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Reviewed by Mark Bowyer –

Almost halfway through the New Year, let’s focus on a new generation of artists. Ian McIntosh, in his early 20s, is setting the bar high for futuristic worship music. A keyboardist, Ian uses all the modern conveniences available to experiment with the newest sounds emerging from the current band trends. Head and mastermind over a team of musicians using a variety of instruments, he is a refreshing break from the traditional.  Ian McIntosh challenges all the standards and erupts in a sea of impassioned patterns and magical melodies. He is a believer that true Christians in creativity will be the catalyst for bringing morality back to the industry.

On “Alive,” the recent groundbreaking release, Ian manages to mix the effortlessness of the vocals with the complexity and beauty of his own keyboard skills. Definitely ethereal, and thought provoking, Ian never ceases to amaze from track to track. The song “Faithful,” especially warrants multiple listens–having multiple band-influences, and heavy drumming, yet rewarding the listener with a clear heart-warming God-honoring chorus to replay in their mind all day. The first album, “Awakened” is more of the same, but shows Ian’s roots and original blueprints for his current enigmatic style.

In this digital age, the boundaries seem limitless and imaginations of the future generations are unleashed to roam free over the musical landscapes. Therefore, it is nice to know that Ian McIntosh will be there to voice a Christian message to compete with the secular humanists embarking in the same genre. This music is intriguing, insightful, and definitely worth checking out.  If this is where the new sound of Christian worship is headed, then Ian McIntosh is not only on the fast track, but he is also the conductor.

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