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Written by Linda Harvey –
Reviewed by Donald James Parker –

Want to read a scary book?  I’m not talking about a spine-tingler  which reduces you to a glob of protoplasmic Jello, quivering under your covers as visions of horrific scenes haunt your attempts at sleep.  No, sirree, Bub.  If you’re a lover of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Father of Jesus Christ, this book is guaranteed to frighten you twenty-four by seven for the rest of your life. Actually, we as Christians are not supposed to fearful, but this book will perhaps knock you to your knees where you will cry out to the Lord for His divine intervention on behalf of others and our society in general.

Linda Harvey is a literary surgeon in addition to being a fastidious researcher. She is an escapee from the secular worldview, who now spends her time trying to blow the whistle on an increasingly menacing violator. Her targets might be many in the flesh, but in actuality all those elements are fronts for the enemy of our souls.  In this little masterpiece, the military blueprint for one of Satan’s frontal assaults on mankind is exposed. In actuality, this battle plan may be the undergirding for all of Satan’s many avenues of attack.  If you have a problem with the mention of the name Satan and consider him to be a myth, go back and discover how many times Jesus referred to the serpentine deceiver. That little side trip should leave you in no doubt that  a force exists that is trying to keep mankind from embracing and loving the Creator and trying to keep you from being as effective a Christian as you might be.

I recently read a book about the nation of Judah. The overwhelming vision I got from digesting the stories of the ups and downs of that group of people was that each generation had to choose whom they would serve – Jehovah or pagan gods. Depending much upon the king at the time, the civilization teetered and tottered back and forth between the two. It is inconceivable to me, at least it was until very recently, that the United States of America could ever abandon the Judeo Christian tradition and build alters of idolatry to gods of the primitive past.  After you read Linda’s laser like dissection of this frog which really is a prince – the prince of darkness – you will not be able to plead ignorance. Your tolerance or perhaps even embracing of occult practices could reduce you to tears or perhaps cause your neck to stiffen and your defense mechanisms to go into overdrive to rationalize your behavior and belittle the danger brought out in this exposé.  You can’t control the world, but you do have a great deal of control over your own life, and believe me, your life will have a ripple effect upon other lives. Your choice upon how to react to this information is critical. The Bible says that men perish for lack of knowledge. They also perish for lack of application of that knowledge they do gain.

Is this a book that your children should read?  I doubt it, unless they are very mature and savvy.  Linda is an excellent writer who does not mince words, but I don’t consider this entertaining material which will grab a young person’s attention in this culture which demands instant stimulation and gratification.  This is a parental guidebook written to help you steer your children clear of the occultic influences that are becoming more and more mainstream, aided by a government which is curtailing the rights of Christian believers and an educational system which has lost all touch with truth.  Your children need spiritual nourishment just like their bodies need sustenance from some food source. 
In this age where junk food is the sustenance of choice, counterfeit spirituality is the rage. You have the responsibility to help provide nourishing spiritual material for your family, which will counter the influence of J.K Rowling, Phillip Pullman, Chris Crutcher, Stephanie Meyers, and countless others.  It is time that men and women of God rise up and provide the type of literature and movies which will compete with the lure of the pagan offerings.  I tried to do that in my book Reforming the Potter’s Clay. I truly believe that the supernatural aspect of God must be demonstrated in order to overcome the magnetic power of the dark forces.  God is in the business of healing people, delivering them from demons, and renewing people’s minds. Let’s not be afraid to share that fact with the world.  And don’t be hesitant to share this book with others. This can be in an invaluable resource, one which you’ll want to read with a highlighter so you can go back to find the pithy phrases.
Here’s one of the quote worthy passages from Not My Child. “The young life that casts aside the Savior and takes up sorcery has traded a pearl of great price for a worthless amulet.”  Are you going to stand by and do nothing and watch countless young people choose death over life?  If you choose not to read this book, it appears you’ve already made your choice.

Donald James Parker is a novelist and computer programmer who resides in Madison, South Dakota.  Check out his website at

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Donald James Parker is a novelist who resides in Crossville Tennessee. If God wills it, he'll be moving into the world of movies as well. Check out his books and other inspirational information at
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