Book Review: Gathering the Priests

Written by Dan Harwell
Review by Donald James Parker

Dan Harwell is not a typical author. After prophetic promptings from multiple people convinced him he was supposed to write a book, Dan and his wife decided it was time for him to tackle the challenge. He quit his excellent job to devote all of his time to the effort. When the book was complete, traditional publishers flirted with him, but failed to make a commitment because Dan was moving to South Dakota, an area of low population, which is not conducive for promoting a book. So he self published. God blessed him with finances from various sources to sustain the family while he was writing, and when he finished, provided another excellent job for him. And now he has no desire to write another book. It was not something he did out of a thirst for fortune or fame or passion for writing, but rather to be obedient to God. That’s my kind of writer. This is my kind of book.
The synopsis of the book is powerful.  I decided to share it with you: There is a powerful sound ringing out around the earth today. It is not squelched by the distractions of this world. It rings out over all the commotion and chaos. It is a divine call that has originated from the very Throne of Heaven. It is a call to gather together believers from all across the world that will make up a strategic end-time remnant – the remnant of the priests. They will be dressed in garments of authority and mantles of anointing in order to perform the extraordinary task of releasing God’s glory into the earth. You may not know it yet, but heaven has chosen you for such a time as this. Within the pages of this book is a message that has the potential to radically change your destiny. Heaven is gathering together the priests for this mighty outpouring of God’s glory. Will you answer the call?

In the time before Christ, the priests were the blessed males who entered into the Holy of Holies and approached the throne to interface with God. Upon Christ’s death on the cross, the new covenant gave all men the right to have an audience with God through the blood of the Lamb. That is what this book deals with. God is calling all of His people to have the intimacy with Him that we are entitled to. It is time to gather together the remnant whose focus is not on the world but rather on the creator of the world and not on religion or God’s gifts but on God as a Father. And this time the priesthood includes women.

Men often give lip service to the Holy Spirit. Less often do they follow the promptings of the same. Dan tells a fascinating story of how he kept encountering the number 911. He told a friend about the phenomenon, and the friend suggested he would find the significance to these digits in the Old Testament. He searched every book until he discovered Amos 9:11 which says, “In that day I will restore David’s fallen tent. I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be.” David was the Psalmist, an author of praise to God. Our Heavenly Father is seeking out those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth and seek to praise His name as inhabitants of that tent. Whereas many men who profess to follow Jesus Christ seek praise for their name, those members of the remnant will seek no praise for themselves but only glory for the Creator. As Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. That seems to sum up our world today. The darkness grows darker, but God is pouring out His Spirit upon men to counter the evil with light. We may be about to witness some of the most nightmarish scenarios in history while at the same time be exposed to the biggest outpouring of God’s spirit on the planet. The remnant will be the main recipients of that outpouring.

Gathering the Priests is a great example of a humble treasure bestowed upon man from Heaven, but ignored by the masses. It’s fascinating to me how God chooses the small things, places, and people to confound the educated and sophisticated. I needed to read this book because my understanding of the glory of God was sadly lacking. I now understand better what God desires for man and of man. Would you have liked to be one of the 300 chosen by Gideon to do battle against overwhelming odds? If the answer is yes, you want to read this book and fathom how you (females as well as males) can become one of his royal priesthood set apart to help usher in a return of Shekinah glory upon the Earth, and in so doing, bring healing and conversion upon our planet. If you truly seek to be a part of that minority who draw near to God with their heart as well as with their lips, this book is a roadmap for you.

About the reviewer:  Donald James Parker is a novelist with ten titles under his belt at the current time. Check out his work at

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Donald James Parker is a novelist who resides in Crossville Tennessee. If God wills it, he'll be moving into the world of movies as well. Check out his books and other inspirational information at
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One Response to “Book Review: Gathering the Priests”
  1. Norma Vera says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Brother your article is outstanding! I am 65 years-old the other day my freind in her early forties strugling with issues and an insecure boy who is 17 and I decides to become a team and start co-writing wholesome and inspiring books together. Our desire is to try to introduce them to elementry schools or Halmark for movies. We are all writers.

    I have never faced so much discouragement in my life. After reading your articles it was like the very fire of God inspired me to move forward, for God is on our side.

    Thanks great article!

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