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By Jennifer Kearson

Recently, I became a curious creature of habit as I researched an old classmate of mine. Over 20 years ago, I was intrigued by this guy since he seemed to have everything going for him like his charm and talent. As I scanned his MySpace information, I became deeply saddened.  I hardly could believe this was the same spirited person I thought I knew.  At first, he seemed to have everything, a marriage, child and his career. However, as I glossed over his choice of religion, I noticed it wasn’t Christianity. It was Buddhism. I researched more about the religion and could see the appeal, but I could also see disappointment. As we know, if we are not careful, our mind and body can play tricks on us. Still today, some Christians believe Jesus is not the only way to eternity. Yes! It is true! Let me repeat. Some Christians believe Jesus is not the only way to eternity. I have heard people say, “People who do good works will see God.”  “God is not so narrow-minded to turn good people away.” For the hundredth time, people in this world still cannot grasp the knowledge that Jesus is our Lord. He’s God on earth!  Little do they know that they are playing death.

Where are the facts? Not only is it written in the Bible, but many happenings have already been prophesized and are still to come. For instance, when I was coming home from church, I saw this bumper sticker on this car that said coexist with all of the religions combined. My friend has warned me of this when she said this is the way the end of times is to become. I can see the appeal about uniting everyone to be in harmony and peace, but wasn’t that the reason Jesus died on the cross? Sadly, even those who lived with Jesus on earth rejected the truth. I can’t understand why anyone would want to deny the very one who shed his blood for? Of course our earthly life is not always going to be smooth and we will have trials and temptations, but Jesus will be there to pick up those who chose Him for a peaceful eternity. His eternity will be our glorious place of peace and love. Yes, he was born a Jew, but he didn’t come just for them, he also came for everyone to be saved. Jesus was perfect, and he wants you to be perfect by accepting Him. Of course we fall into sin, but Jesus has come to save us from those sins. So, start believing today and read the Bible. Also, if you have not already done so, find a Bible study class and begin studying His word. It’s never too late to start believing; however, you must become a member of Christ before your physical death overtakes you. If you have questions or concerns about Christ, find a local church and talk to a minister. What are you waiting for? Start living today and take the light.

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