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Written By Heidi Baker

Review By Donald James Parker

Normally I review one book at a time. In this situation, I’m going to lump three books together since they are written by the same author(s) and there is an overlap in the content. All three are delightful and dovetail together, so I decided to include all of them. The other two titles are Always Enough and Expecting Miracles and are authored by Heidi and her husband, Rolland. I can guarantee that if you desire to be a lukewarm Christian, you won’t want to read these books.

There are two main components to a book – the contents and the presentation. After hearing stories about Heidi and Rolland Baker’s exploits in the financially challenged areas of the world, I expected to encounter some wonderful content in their books. I definitely was not disappointed. My expectations for the presentation of those inspiring stories was not high (I was unaware that Heidi and her husband both possess PhD’s) and my tolerance level was set accordingly. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their writing was invisible most of the time and became conspicuous only when the author decided to wax poetic. The prose in those situations usually provided a diversionary side trip which lasted for a moment and then gave way to the harsh and sometimes jubilant realities of their life of service to God and the human race. I strongly believe that in delivering a message via the printed word, invisible writing is the most efficient style. If no flaws in syntax or phraseology exist, and the author does not put on an extravagant display of multisyllabic vocabulary which causes even educated people to scramble for a dictionary, the reader can focus on the significance of the author’s content. And when Christians encounter the full thrust of the message delivered by the Bakers, their life will be impacted to some degree. I know that mine was touched deeply. I used to sing that song “Please, Don’t Send Me to Africa,” but after reading these books, I’ve been pondering a missionary trip to Mozambique.

Although you won’t find it in the periodic chart, love is the most important element in the world. Jesus said that the two great commandments are to love God and to love our fellow man as ourselves. We as Christians talk a lot about the concept of love, but do we actually practice it? Is our love selective so we pour it all out on those we find loveable? I sometimes think that many people don’t even have a concept of the true nature of love. The Bakers certainly don’t fall into that category. The selfless love which they have poured out on the downtrodden people of the world is inspirational in the most humble of terms. In reading of their great compassion and caring for everyone they encounter, I saw in stark contrast my inability to measure up to the Lord’s standard. To whom much is given, much is expected. Heidi Baker has been given a mighty dose of God’s love. She has been faithful to reciprocate in giving back that love not only to God but to the least of his children. As a result, God’s miraculous provision has been bestowed upon the Baker family and their ministry time and time again. They daily walk in the miraculous while the majority of Christians would be hard pressed to point out one definitive miracle that they’ve witnessed in their walk.

Jesus got people’s attention in the days of His ministry by manifesting divinity through the miracles he performed, using the power of the Holy Spirit and His Father. Those miracles captured the attention of non-believers and often brought them into a love relationship with Jesus. This scenario plays out on a daily basis in the Mozambique countryside as the Baker’s restore the sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. Many other signs and wonders have followed them. They are bringing entire villages to Jesus as a result. I find that hearing of miracles brings a great boost to my faith. It demonstrates to me that God is working in our lives and that He does reward those who seek him diligently. I suggest you read all three of these books and share vicariously the miraculous move of our Master in Mozambique. There are stories of redemption and restoration that you will never forget. And most importantly, the lesson on how to love is preached very eloquently through the actions of the authors. These people have become my heroes. You may never look at a book or at Christianity the same. Another key factor is seeing that although Heidi Baker is totally sold out to God, she still learns obedience by what she suffers the same as Jesus. Another key aspect to life that Heidi manifests is that God does not always take the storm out of our lives, but rather teaches us how to dance in the rain.

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