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By Laura Greenwood

Whether Andrew Walden is leading worship at his local church or hanging with his family and friends, there is an overwhelming presence of God in him. Andrew worked hard to release his first self-titled album in 2006, but it had limited availability. In June 2007, Andrew had a major step in his music career with the release of an EP that is available on iTunes.

And there is no difference in his music. “You broke the chains around us and gave us brand new life,” leads his self-titled EP in the toe-tapping song “You Are Holy”. Throughout this song, you are surrounded by the reinforcement of God’s love and light. Andrew’s light-hearted attitude and good-humored personality definitely shine through this fun and catchy tune, which will stay in your head for sure.  

Another great track off the EP is “Extraordinary.” This track reminds the listener of a life without God that can be transformed when God is present. He takes our lives that are ordinary and in his presence He makes it extraordinary. Andrew conveys this belief through a melodically pleasing chorus, and thought-provoking verses.

Singing lyrics about following God until the day he dies, Andrew wrote a song with a slightly softer tone called “Follow”. This song rounds out his EP by having the listener ponder the previous songs about a wonderful God who blesses us each and every day.

Overall, Andrew Walden’s EP is one that makes the listener want to glorify God through positive lyrics, pleasing melodies and simply good music. Keep a look out for a full-length CD from this talented artist in the upcoming future.

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