Artist Spotlight: Ricky Byrum

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By Randy L. Henderson  

“Time to Rise” is the latest project from Ricky Byrum that incorporates soulful rock ballads, classic and heavy metal into his songs. Ricky is currently signed to the American Classic Recordings label. As an artist who is evolving, there is an excitement of what is to come in his musical future.

An unforgettable song on his 2007 release is “Only You,” with its haunting guitar and emotional vocals. All listeners will be whisked to a place of realization that Christ is the only solution even after all avenues have been exhausted. In contrast to “Only You,” I was transported to a –head bopping, hands raised, dancing wildly- song appropriately titled: “Take Me to the Mountain,” on the “Time to Rise” 2008 release. Ricky’s passion for the rock guitar shines through his music and his latest release supports this observation.

Ricky Byrum has had many influences such as; Pantera, Billy Sheehan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Motown and the list goes on according to his MySpace website. As you can see, Ricky has a wealth of influences that includes many diversified genres of important music. From Blues to Jazz, Southern Gospel to U2, you can hear layers of their sounds through his music and vocals.

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