Book Review: Hurricanes in Paradise

Written by Denise Hildreth
Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent –

Back Cover: Since starting her new job at a Paradise Island resort, Riley Sinclair feels the pieces of her life finally coming together—until she discovers that some guests arrive with their own demons, fears, and secrets. With a hurricane headed straight for the island, will Riley and three women find healing—and friendship—through the storm?

REVIEW: I was thankful to receive a review copy of this fun, honest, and inspiring book. The story reminded me a little of the TV Shows “Love Boat” and “Hotel”. Each week they’d introduce new characters and their dilemmas. Everyone tried to have fun because they were on vacation. But life doesn’t stop happening just because we’re on holiday!

Denise introduces four very different, interesting, quirky characters that would never have talked to each other under normal circumstances. But, rules are different when you’re on holiday. Time is of the essence, you may never see these people again.

Denise’s main character is Riley Sinclair, a single mom and head of guest relations at the hotel, working hard at her new job. Tamyra, is a beauty queen just finishing up her tour; hiding out from everyone and holding a secret close to her heart. Winnie Harris, Sam’s widow of three years- is stuck in the past with Sam and is afraid to live. Then there’s Laine Fulton, an author on a trip to get ideas for her new novel. She hates to eat alone and invites all of these ladies to dine with her, as she takes notes of their conversations. All of these ladies were in survival mode for one reason or another and life begins to get a little crazy as they all prepare for a Hurricane heading their way.

I loved what Denise said about these women and their struggle. “These women face real-life struggles. Real-life heartache that many of us face every day…this is a story about learning to live. My hope is that as you close the pages, you will be more aware of what real living is all about, more aware that inside your soul is the ability to survive even the toughest storms.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. Denise’s book touched my heart and soul. I enjoyed these ladies, I laughed, I was surprised at what these women shared and my spirit was moved as these characters faced their fears. You can tell this author has faced some fears of her own. Finding Hope Book Club is reading this novel—I can’t wait to hear what this group has to say about Hurricanes In Paradise. It’s more than a great summer read. These ladies and their stories will stir your soul!

Nora St. Laurent
The Book Club Network
Finding Hope Through Fiction

Book Review: Storylines: Your Map to Understanding the Bible

Written by Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi
Reviewed by J Renee Archer –

Storylines is exactly what it says it is—a map to understanding the Bible. I realize that seems obvious since that is the title of the book but, often the title and content do not match up as seamlessly as they do in this non-fiction title. Croft and Pilavachi make it clear as to what to expect out of their book and that is, in fact, what the reader gets from the text.

The intended audience for Storylines is teens and young adults and the authors present the material in a fresh, modern style that attracts this target audience. Writing in an informal manner draws the reader in and the current aspect of the writing makes the book relevant.

Reading the Bible can be overwhelming and discouraging for young people. The Bible is very long and can be difficult to apply to life. Storylines is the perfect resource for understanding how the Bible fits together as a whole while enjoying the various stories within the whole. Even for those who have read the Bible completely, Croft and Pilavachi provide insight that will expand any reader’s previous perceptions of the Bible.

Two of the best sections in Storylines are the appendixes. Appendix A, The Bible in 20 Pages, is an excellent, and much needed, addition to the book and could not be any better done. I was pleased with how well this section was written. Everything you would expect in such a summary was included and appropriately mentioned. The author recommendation to read this appendix prior to beginning the book was most beneficial and fitting.

Appendix B, The What, Why and How of the Bible, was a suitable conclusion for Storylines. Croft and Pilavachi leave the reader with practical methods for reading and studying the Bible. They complete the task and leave the reader satisfied. Readers are presented with an overview of the Bible, they learn how the Bible fits together as one story and then finish with straight forward techniques to make Bible reading enjoyable and meaningful.

I recommend Storylines and can say, without hesitation, it is the best non-fiction book I have read this year. Storylines is a good tool for young Christians, both young in age and young in their faith journey. Pastors, teachers and youth leaders would also find this book useful as they attempt to engage young Christians in Bible study. Reading how all parts of the Bible connect to each other and point us to Christ is something every person can gain from.

I received a complimentary copy of Storylines: Your Map to Understanding the Bible from B & B Media Group, Inc. in exchange for a review written for The Christian Pulse.

J Renee Archer is an avid reader and enjoys telling others about the great books she reads. She, her husband and 3-year old son live in a 100-year old home in a rural community. J Renee enjoys gardening, playing and teaching piano and creating memories with the two men in her life. You can read more reviews at J Renee’s blog:

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