Reclaiming Nick

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Written By Susan May Warren

Reviewed By J Renee Archer

Tyndale House

ISBN-13: 978-1-4143-1017-6

Reclaiming Nick is the story of Nick Noble and his return to the family cattle ranch. His father’s death and the threat of losing the ranch cause Nick to return home after a 10-year absence. Once at home, Nick realizes he needs to claim his mistakes and make amends. Being back on the ranch, he has to face the people that he hurt and that hurt him. As relationships heal, family secrets are revealed.

A rugged, yet charming, cowboy is someone most girls have dreamt of falling in love with, making them excellent romance novel characters. Most readers have never met a cowboy or experienced life on a ranch which means we like to read and dream about that lifestyle. We enjoy reading about a way of life that differs from our own. These elements alone are enough to capture the reader.

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Book Review: The Year of Living Like Jesus

Written by Ed Dobson
Reviewed by J. Renee Archer –

Ed Dobson committed to living as Jesus did for an entire year. His goal was to do what Jesus the person would have done, not necessarily what Jesus the Messiah would have done. Dobson’s plan was to live in accordance with the Jewish way of life as opposed to healing the sick and blind. A journal tracked his days, progress and struggles.

This book intrigued me from the moment I read the title. I expected a life changing story not only on the author’s part but for myself, as well. It seems to me that a commitment such as this would alter a person’s life in a major way. A highly spiritual experience is what I anticipated. As it turns out, the book was very different then my pre-reading notion. My life was not permanently changed and, as far as I can tell, Dobson’s life wasn’t either.

The Year of Living Like Jesus was interesting reading, especially the first half of the book. In this section the writing is in journal form and more detailed daily living. The second half was more traditional non-fiction writing. I enjoyed the first half more due to the style.

A major theme of the book is Jewish living and tradition. The word Jesus in the title of the book could easily be replaced with Jews and accurately represent the book. Since I knew nothing about the Jewish culture I found the book educational in that regard. Dobson ate Kosher, observed Shabbat (Sabbath) and other Jewish services. The author also adopted prayer customs of several other religions which didn’t make sense to me because it seemed counter to his commitment. (I’m certain Jesus did not pray the rosary.) There were times when he focused too much on living as a Jew. It almost trivialized Jesus’ life. Dobson was so caught up in making sure he followed the Jewish Law that it kept him from drawing closer to God. At the end of the year I didn’t get the impression that he was a stronger Christian or had a deeper relationship with Christ. That was a disappointment.

Dobson set a lofty goal and made a major commitment that took much perseverance to follow through with. I give him credit for sticking with the project for a whole year. I hope it was more of a spiritual experience than I perceived from his writing. And I thank him for teaching me about a culture I have not personally experienced.

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