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It was one of those days.  I tried everything and nothing worked.  

Whenever we visit my mother-in-law in Southern California, I try to make myself useful by doing some home mainten­ance.  She knows I’m not very handy and gives me only the easy tasks.

This time, the water filter cartridge needed replacing.  I shut off the water valve under the kitchen sink and removed the filter housing.  I tried to twist the filter cap off, but it wouldn’t budge.  I used my upper body to wring the cap open, but nada.  Then I tried to force it open with a screwdriver, but it still wouldn’t loosen.  My wife, Gail walked into the kitchen and saw me struggling.  “Let’s pray,” she said.  “Jesus, we know You want to be involved in even the little things.  Please help Bob with the water filter.”

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