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By Anne Johnson –

The worship team began to sing. I stood reflecting on our pastor’s sermon. He had preached about developing a deeper relationship with God. The choir members’ voices filled the air, seeming to lift the roof right off the church and carry me into God’s heavenly cathedral. With eyes closed, I sensed in my heart the peaceful whispered words, “You should learn how to carve and whittle like a carpenter.”

In Matthew 13:55 I read that Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, was a carpenter. As Jesus grew, His father would have taught Him this trade. Was God telling me to take up a new hobby? In keeping with family tradition, was I to learn the trade of my distant spiritual relatives?

I know very little about wood. It comes from trees, and can be classified as either hard or soft. My dad worked with wood, and explained to me why he used certain types for each project he was building. But, my ability to carve or whittle or create anything out of wood is nonexistent. Not to mention, I lack the tools needed for such a venture.

I dropped onto the pew as the choir continued their song. What had God’s whispered words meant? Opening my Bible I was drawn to Matthew 14:23. I discovered that Jesus wasn’t only familiar with carving wood, but time, too. Early in the morning and late at night He would seek out a place to be alone with God. Withdrawing from the crowds and His disciples, He carved out private moments to commune with the Creator and Designer of all things. In those times God spoke His plans and desires to His Son.

Whistles. Bells. Shouts of joy. Once again, the Bible made clear in my spirit what God desired from me. He wasn’t expecting me to become a carpenter, rather He wanted me to learn to be a carver and whittler of time. Like Jesus, I’d been asked to carve out time in my hectic life to hear God’s voice and learn of His desire for each day.

It has been said that it takes up to six weeks to start a new habit. So, I have aspired to set my alarm earlier and carve out time each day to read scripture and journal my prayers. I hope this new whittling venture will be a daily experience.

I have enjoyed my new hobby immensely. Some mornings when my children oversleep, I am blessed to sit in the quiet stillness and absorb even more of God’s presence. The best part of carving out this special time is how smoothly my day seems to flow. Even on the most hectic of days, when I recall my morning solitude, a familiar peace calms my spirit and lifts me above the chaos.

I may never carve anything out of wood, but each week the whittled time I spend in solitude with God helps me develop a deeper understanding of His love and character, and gives me the tools to make the most of every day.

About Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson spends her time being a wife and mother, home school teacher, writer, registered nurse and loves spending time watching God do amazing things in her and her families lives.
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