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By Anne C. Johnson –

Sweat rolled down my back as I watched my daughter, Moriah, give commands to Dasher, our three- year-old golden retriever mix, during her 4-H dog obedience class. They have worked together for two years training for the county and state fairs. Moriah’s teacher often uses Dasher as an example for different maneuvers and techniques to the other 4-H members.

One night during practice I sat on the sidewalk with the other 4-H mothers and watched our children train. Long shadows from the surrounding fir trees offered little escape from the sweltering heat.

Moriah and her class stopped to guzzle down water. Dasher flopped to the ground, his chest heaving. “He’s doing good today, isn’t he Mom?” Moriah asked.

“He’s too hot to do anything else,” I told Moriah as Dasher gazed at me with dark brown eyes.

“Here boy.” Moriah tried to get Dasher to drink, but he wouldn’t budge. “You’re right Mom, he’s too hot.” She lifted Dasher’s water bowl above his head and doused him with water.

Dasher jumped to his feet, eyes wide with wonder. I could just hear his poor puppy mind yelling, “Who? What? Where? Why?”

His mini soaking didn’t scar Dasher for life, but he definitely shied away from his water dish the rest of the night.

God is also in the dousing business, saturating me with His words. There are times in my life when I feel run down and exhausted. When I want to flop on the ground and pant like my dog, God pours out His word from heaven. I may be at church, or listening to the radio or talking with a friend, when God’s Spirit pours over me like water from a heavenly watering dish. During these moments all I can do is stop and sputter in amazement. The God of the universe, creator of all that is, has taken a minute to reach out to me and pour His love on my tired thirsty soul.

I praise the Lord that I live in America where I can go to a Bible-teaching church. I thank God I live in a society that currently allows Christian broadcasts to be aired daily. I am grateful for all my friends who have spoken God’s truth into my life. Each of these avenues are ways in which Isaiah 44:3 comes to fruition, “For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring and my blessing on your descendants.” (NIV)

Like Dasher, I wonder, “Who? What? Where? Why?” And then I see my loving Heavenly Father (who) speaking his words (what) wherever I am (where) to show me His love (why). May God never stop dousing me with His words, and may I always be attentive to His subtle showers of love when my body and soul are thirsty.

About Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson spends her time being a wife and mother, home school teacher, writer, registered nurse and loves spending time watching God do amazing things in her and her families lives.
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