Experience Your Own 15-Minute Miracle!

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By Julie Morris –

If you knew that you could spend just 15 minutes a day—and it would change your life in incredible ways—would you do it every day?

I discovered almost 30 years ago how to start my day in a brand new way, and I have been amazed at the results: I have been able to do things that I thought were impossible! Because I seek the Lord first thing every morning, I have lost my harmful extra pounds and have kept them off. And I’ve lost most of the worries that weighed me down as well. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Here’s what I do:

I have a prayer journal—a loose-leaf notebook with 5 dividers and lots of notebook paper. I write in my journal during those 15 minutes so I can stay focused and take advantage of every second.

Section #1 Prayers. I spend 3 minutes using the ACTS structure of prayer so I come into God’s presence with ADORATION, CONFESSION, THANKSGIVING and last, SUPPLICATION (intercessory prayers). Before I started using this type of prayer format, I spent most of my time asking God for things, or heaven forbid (!), telling Him what to do.

Section #2 Organization. I spend 3 minutes looking at how I did the day before to see if I have been off track. On my Monthly Activities Sheet I record how I spent the day before (I write the date in the left margin and record activities for each day of the month on one line per day). During the 3 minutes in my Organization section, I also write what I ate the day before, and I write down how I did with other weaknesses.

Section #3 Journaling. I spend 3 minutes journaling about my problems. I have found that in this section I am able to cast my cares on the Lord—not the refrigerator, pray about the problems that I will have to face that day and plan how I will handle them.

Section #4 Meditation. I send 3 minutes meditating on a verse. I choose the verse as I read ½ chapter of the Bible each day and find one verse that stands out. I consider this verse a letter to me from God and respond by writing Him a short letter (2-3 sentences) about what His Words mean to me that day. There are many other ways I meditate on Scripture. I’ll tell you about them next month.

Section #5 Memorization. I spend 3 minutes memorizing an encouraging Bible verse. I write it in this section of my notebook. Then I put it on an index card and take it with me to study while stuck in traffic, in line at the grocery store or waiting on hold when I’m on the phone. During my memorizing time on the following days, I continue to work on this verse until I know it well, but I keep it in my memory section to review from time to time. I have learned lots of ways to make memorizing fun and have found that memorizing Scripture is the best way to get God’s Word from my head to my heart.

I have discovered that when I have a daily quiet time in this manner consistently each morning, my days go so much better. I am able to rely on God’s power—not my faltering willpower. I am directed by His Word—not driven by my circumstances, and I am guided by Him—not my feelings or worldly desires. Email me at julie@guidedbyhim.com if you want to know more about how to experience your own 15-minute miracle.

About Julie Morris

Julie Morris is an internationally recognized author of 12 books, popular motivational speaker and founder of two Christian weight-loss programs Step Forward (www.stepforwarddiet.com) and a lighter and easier version of Step Forward, Guided By Him (www.guidedbyhim.com). She would love to show you the way to a thinner, not so stressed-out way of living. E-mail her today! Julie@guidedbyhim.com
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