Get Fit by Rocking Your World

By Courtney McArthur –

A new trend is rocking the world of fitness!

Zumba is a dance class that incorporates international music with hip hop and other dance moves. The class normally is an hour long and provides a vigorous cardio work out. On average, a person can burn from 400 to 800 calories in one Zumba class. The most common dance moves found in a typical Zumba class are the cumbia, reggae ton, salsa, meringue, mambo and axe.

Even though Zumba is a dance class, no training is required before attending. Another benefit of Zumba: no equipment is required. The only fee would be the membership at the gym where Zumba classes are offered. The classes are taught by certified instructors who, in my experience, are filled with energy and a passion for what they do. They are there to help you lose weight in a fun and healthy way.

Zumba is seventy percent Latin or international music and thirty percent music chosen by the instructor. Instructors receive the original lyrics to each of the songs in the foreign language and a copy in English so they can understand what the song is saying. That way, they can make sure that there is no profanity in any of the music. It’s refreshing to be able to have a fun, hip and pure workout class.

I was so nervous before my first Zumba class! I have no experience dancing and was scared I would make myself look silly, but I discovered that almost everyone feels the same way. I found that the dance moves were a little intense at first. I had a hard time catching on and actually doing the moves correctly. It took me roughly three classes before I got comfortable with the different dance moves. I have to admit that I’ve been doing Zumba for a year now and some of the moves are still hard for me.

Even though the class pushes me and is difficult at times, it is such a great way to just let go and have some fun.  In fact, Zumba is so much fun that many prefer to call it a Latin-based party instead of a workout class.

Katie Newton, a senior at Auburn University and certified Zumba instructor says, “I believe in a full mind body workout. When you put your soul into the workout, it can get you through anything, even when your mind and body leave you. That’s why I love Zumba I get lost in the music!”

So next time you are having a hard time getting to the gym, bring some friends and try a new fun workout. Not only will you be burning calories, but you will be having a blast doing it!

Courtney McArthur is a junior at Auburn University. She is very passionate about trying new workouts, staying in shape and having fun while doing it.

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