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By George Dalton –

I love reading the Bible. My Bible is like everyone else’s. It has hundreds of underlined passages in it. Yet I am still finding new passages to underline. Of all the books in the Bible, my favorite only has three pages and two chapters.Yet this book sums up all of life.

If you sit down to pay your bills and find you have more bills than you have money to pay them—this book addresses that.

If you find that you are working hard yet keep getting passed over for promotion—this book addresses that.

If your investments have fallen and are worth far les than they were a couple of years ago—this book addresses that.

If your diet is just a joke, you can’t stop eating no matter how hard you try—this book addresses that.

If you drink too much, you keep promising yourself you are going to quit—this book addresses that.

Money goes through your bank account like there is a hole in the floor of the bank—this book addresses that.

Get your Bible and go with me to the little book of Haggai. Don’t be surprised if you don’t know where to find it. Go to Matthew and count back three books and there it is. The prophet Haggai is talking to us—look what God said through Haggai.

Verses two-three (paraphrased): I don’t have time to go to church and do the God thing right now.

Verses four -six(paraphrased): You work hard and have nothing to show for it. You never seem to get enough to eat. You never seem to get to a stopping point with your drinking. You always feel left out in the cold. The pocket where you put your money has a hole in it.

Wow! It is right there. Read it, it paints a pretty dismal picture but don’t stop reading. Read verse seven.

Verse seven says to give some thought to why this is happening. Keep reading until you get to chapter two, verses eighteen-nineteen. God says the day you decide to put Him first He will bless you. Not after you have succeeded, the day you make the decision to put Him first. He says, “From this day on, I will bless you.” This quote is not paraphrased. It is a direct quote from the New International Version of the Bible.

Now you see why this is my favorite book in the Bible. All of my struggles are caused by me trying to put myself in charge. When I learned to let go and let God, everything started turning out so much better.

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