Kidnapped by GPS

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Her name was Zelda. At least, I imagine her as a Zelda. Her voice sounded like one. She politely told the driver and his passengers what turn to take next, and how long until the next set of direction—even the estimated time of arrival.

We headed to a special combined church service, 45 minutes away. The drive was a pleasant one, followed by an inspired time at a host church, some fellowship time at a local fast food restaurant, and then we hopped back in the vehicle for our trip home.

Only this time, Zelda took us somewhere new. Different roads. After dark, none of us were familiar with the route. Where was Zelda taking us? And then it happened.

She announced it was only 1.4 miles until our turn to the Federation of Micronesia. What? Did I fall I asleep? Did I miss something? Zelda kidnapped us and she’d soon have us in a foreign country against our will.

But that’s not how it ended. My vivid imagination was playing tricks on me. No—Zelda was merely confused. What in reality was F.M. 409, she made out to be Federation of Micronesia rather than a Farm to Market road. Zelda didn’t have us lost at all, and soon we pulled up to the church parking lot, safe and sound. We just needed to trust her, even when her terminology sounded strange.

Sometimes when our way in life isn’t certain, we seem to lose our way. In the darkness we can’t make out familiar landmarks, and we’re soon in unfamiliar territory. A friendly Voice offers to guide us to our destination. He doesn’t kidnap us against our will. We can turn away from His directions at any time. And if we did that, just like Zelda, He would gently tell us how to find our way back to the right path—the right destination.

PRAYER: I hear Your voice, God. Now help me follow You even when I don’t recognize the path.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths,” Proverbs 3:6 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Kathy Carlton Willis, wife to Russ, pastor’s wife to many, author, editor, publicist, and speaker. Kathy Carlton Willis Communications encompasses her many passions.  Learn more about how she reflects Christ as she shines the spotlight on others at: or

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Kathy Carlton Willis shines, whether she’s shining the light on God’s writers and speakers, or reflecting God’s Light during her speaking programs. She is Christ-servant, wife to Russ, editor, publicist, certified CLASSeminars faculty and AWSA member. KCW Communications encompasses her many passions. Schedule Kathy for a speaking event or contact her firm for promotional assistance. Learn more at


3 Responses to “Kidnapped by GPS”
  1. Norma Vera says:

    Graet Job Cathy you are a great writer. Be blessed today! Norma

  2. Robin J. Steinweg says:

    Ho HO! That’s good, Kathy.

  3. Toni Hebel says:

    Wonderful reminder as we are on that “different path.” Thanks for the article Kathy!

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