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By Bob Kaku

During my bachelor days, I zipped around in a spiffy sports car that had a powerful engine, sleek lines, and cool-looking retractable, pop-up headlights. One day a head¬light bulb burned out, so I bought a replacement. I removed the old one and placed the new bulb inside the headlight housing. Before securing the bulb, I flipped the switch to test it. The headlight flipped down into the well, and I heard a clunk.

Uh, oh!

I forgot that with this type of headlight, the switch not only turns the light on and off, but also flips the headlight up and down into the interior well. I turned the switch off, and the bulb fell out.

I flicked the switch back on, and the headlight got stuck with the bulb lodged inside. I put my hand in through the tight gap and scraped my knuckles trying to loosen the bulb. It still wouldn’t budge.

After struggling for over an hour, I loosened the bulb and placed it into the headlight. There was one problem. I couldn’t put the screws in without the headlight in the up¬right position. If I let go, the bulb would fall out again, and I couldn’t get to the switch on the steering column.

More time passed. It finally dawned on me to pray.

Exasperated, I cried out to the Lord to help me. Shortly after praying, a thought entered my mind. Hold the bulb in with masking tape.
Huh? Masking tape?

I went into the house, found a reel of masking tape, and tore off a piece. I taped the bulb to the headlight housing and flipped the switch again. Yes! It works. What a simple, but ingenious idea. That had to be God.

I fastened the screws and removed the tape.

When my housemate came home, I told him everything that happened.

“You used masking tape?”

“Yeah, it was all so amazing. Uh, wait a minute. Did I leave the screwdriver in the headlight well? Oh, no!”

He laughed so hard his stomach hurt.

My housemate recounted this experience a few years later when he roasted me as the best man at my wedding reception. He embellished the story by saying, “Bob wanted to become a surgeon at one time. Can you imagine Bob operating on a patient and leaving a scalpel inside the body?”

“For You are my lamp, O LORD; And the LORD illumines my darkness.” (2 Samuel 22:29)

~ Bob Kaku
An excerpt from the book Popcorn Miracles® by Bob & Gail Kaku. Reprinted by permission

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  1. Shae Hamrick says:

    Laughing so hard i can’t stay in my chair. I love it. Thanks.

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