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By Norma Vera

Sitting by my window trying to write next month’s article, I am fascinated by the snow coming down over the West Texas Plains. Running through my mind is a poem written by a young unknown writer. She died broken and alone during the early part of the Civil War. Among her manuscripts was found the poem, “Beautiful Snow”.
It’s one of the most impressive pieces of writing I have ever read. This young girl was expressing her sense of failure, loss and emptiness in a century long since passed. I believe John W. Watson or T.B.Reed have the rights to the poem.  Let me quote a few stances.

Oh!  The snow the beautiful snow,
Filling the sky and the earth below!
Over the house tops over the streets
Over the heads of the people you meet
Beautiful snow it can do no wrong,

(Skipping a few stances)

Over the Crust of the new fallen snow –
Snow so pure when it falls from the sky,
To be trampled in mud by the crowed rushing by,
To be trampled and tracked by the thousands of feet,
Till it blends with the horrible filth in the street.
Once I was pure like the snow—-but I fell!
Fell like a snowflake, from heaven to hell;

(Skipping a few more stances, it says.

How strange it should be that the beautiful snow
Should fall on a sinner with nowhere to go!

The greatest cry I have ever heard is the cry of our need to be loved.  We mistake love with emotions. True, it has emotions but it goes deeper than goose bumps. The kind of love our soul hungers for is very deep and its hunger pangs are felt even deeper. Sadly, the cry, in many cases, falls on deaf ears.

I never met a soul that was not hungry for love. We crave it like the parched desert ground craves moisture. Of all the things we have to give or receive, there is none greater than love. Nothing wounds the spirit deeper, makes us more dysfunctional or fills us with more insecurities than the lack of love.

I wonder what happened to the young girl who wrote, “Beautiful Snow?”  Did her cry go unheard before God as it did with man? I like to believe that God heard her cry and responded quickly because this is the cry of our own hearts: “Somebody love me.”

God sent His son to fill the void in our hearts. Jesus is the beautiful
snow that came down from heaven. He knew that many would trample His love
under their feet, but He came anyway because He loves us more than life
itself. How strange it is that His beautiful love would fall on sinners
with nowhere to go but fortunately for us, it does.  May this month find us full of His love to the point where it spills over to a dying and hurting world.

Have Happy Valentine’s Day!

Norma Vera is a member of the North Texas Christian Writers. She has written devotions for The Secret Place and writes articles for her Church Blog “Tapestry Talk. She has translated Pastor Gary Delay’s book, “Transformation” from English to Spanish and writes in both languages. She is working on bilingual children’s books and has a blog called “Grandma Teach Me Wisdom” at She is working on a book by the same title.

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11 Responses to “Beautiful Snow”
  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Norma, this was beautiful..would it have been wonderful to have been able to talk with this young woman & tell her how much she was loved??…Jesus loved her. Thank you for sharing it with me..Our snow here was just so beautiful..It was a touch from the Lord to see His beauty..It was so good to see you at Generations a few wks. ago..we now have a new Worship Leader, his name is Shake Anderson..he has a web-site..He is bringing us into the presense of the Lord..It has been awesome..also have a new Youth Pastor, his name is Shane Mackey…really loves the Lord & kids..Love to you & may you be blessed in all that you are doing..Barbara

  2. Leslie Savitz says:

    Noram, what an endearing article. Thanks so much for your insight, compassion and love.

  3. norma says:

    I believe that without Christ no one can truly be happy or know what love really is. To know Christ is to know love. That is why as Christians our duty is to be a reflection of the Light here on earth so that people that are lost can see the love of the Lord through us. As always that was a beautiful article and can’t wait to read your next one.

  4. Sonya Vera says:


    What a beautiful story. You are doing an amazing job and I look forward to reading more. Thanks for your encouragement!

  5. Frances Snider says:

    I really love Norma’s writings; and this one touched my heart deeply. Here in North Texas we saw more snow than we have had in 20 years;and I stood at my window and thanked the Lord for it’s beauty. Norma’s story was certainly perfect to help us realize how Jesus came and gave His life for such sinners as we are. Thanks Norma

  6. Norma, I think you’re getting better and abetter in your writings. You are very inbspiring. Great job

  7. Ann Knowles says:

    Norma, thank you for seeing the beauty in everything, every person and every relationship I look forward to reading your articles. May God’s blessings continue to flow through you to others as you obey the Father.

  8. Patty Middleton says:

    Norma, I love “Beautiful Snow”!!! I will remember it in the future when it snows, and be blessed!! You are improving greatly in your writing, and I am
    so proud of you!! <3<3

  9. Sydney Louise Larsen says:

    God is love…He is the very essence of love in its highest, purest, perfect, most genuine, warmest form…yet in His love He confronts & displines us for our own good. My heart goes out to those who don’t know the Lord, like the author of the poem. Your article motivates me to search for those who need a touch of God’s tranforming love as the snow transforms drab brown to sparkling white…yes even a winter wonderland to feast our eyes unpon & restore our soul.
    May God continue to inspire you, Norma, as you write for Him to bless the peaple.

  10. Ted Vera says:

    Great Job!!!!

  11. Heather says:

    I have never heard this poem before. Thank you for sharing it! What is doubly encouraging is how you write & live this truth. I am glad to call you friend.

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