From Promiscuity To Purity

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By Keisha Bass

Not your usual order of things, but at any rate, it can be done. Many of us have fallen to temptation and have lived with the guilt of our actions for quite awhile. Did you know that you can repent, turn from those ways, and start anew? God doesn’t remember every mistake that we make. He chooses to wipe our slates clean. Thank goodness. It can be hard to believe, but it’s true.

Growing up with a lot of freedom in high school, I began heading the wrong direction looking for a meaningful relationship. Then in college, I mistakenly thought sex meant love. I knew pre-marital sex was wrong, but longed for a male’s attention. And wanted that instant gratification as well as live my own life and do what I wanted to do, no matter the consequences. Little did I know that it would hurt me in the long run. I jumped from relationship to relationship and fell into many other temptations by following those I “loved” in the things they did.

Also, I didn’t understand fully what this would do to my body, mind, and soul. I heard once about soul ties. And without going into too much detail, every partner that I have had, is now a part of me and I him. I prayed to be released from that and cut those soul ties. To not let that hinder my future relationship with a godly man. I know that many women have felt as I did. Many self-talks or enemy’s lies, whatever you want to call it, went something like this: “You’re not good enough. If you have sex with him, he’ll want to stay with you. . . Well you did it now, nobody will ever want you and God is angry with you and you just have to deal with it.”

But aren’t you thankful that we serve a forgiving God? I know I am. And as He forgave me of my sins, I asked Him to help me forgive myself. That was the real struggle. But eventually, after a lot of prayer, confession, and spiritual guidance, I was able to do just that. I began to understand that we all make mistakes and need help in every area of our life; not just the ones that are easy to talk about. God loves me unconditionally and once I truly understood that, the doors of spiritual freedom opened up and I walked right through them. And every time the enemy opened up his mouth to torment me, I politely told him to shut up.

I serve a Father Who loves me and accepts me for who I am. So I took the time to really get to know Who He is. I dug into His word, and began to get to know Him more and more. I cultivated a real relationship with Him. I soon made a vow of celibacy and proudly speak of it today. And not for my glory, but for God’s because it is only through Him that I was able to turn my life around. I have practiced abstinence for over six years now and will continue to look forward to saving myself for my future husband. It feels good to know that I am pleasing my Father with my lifestyle. I have gone from a promiscuous woman to a pure lady with the snap of His fingers and some days, I can’t even believe it myself. And then I remember what an awesome and powerful God I serve. He did it for me. Please believe He can and will do it for you. Repent and turn from those ways, and He’ll be there to guide you through every step of the process, as well as give you strength to resist temptation and peace to move forward in living right.

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2 Responses to “From Promiscuity To Purity”
  1. Christine Thomas says:

    Your honesty is a powerful persuasion to avoid the promiscuous lifestyle. Messages like these need to be heard. Great job!

  2. Dorothy Ward-Winters says:

    Keisha, you are on the right track and have been for six years. Yes, God really does wash us clean. I grinned when I read you “politely tell the enemny to shut up.” I can see God using you in a might way.


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