Sunday Morning Blahs or Aahhs

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By Julie Cosgrove

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Lets us go to the House of the Lord’.” Psalm 122:1

Do you say that on Sunday mornings? I have to admit at times I’d rather stay home than to get up, bathe and dress, and drive 40 minutes up the highway to where I worship. But I have learned, those are also the days I need to be there the most. Those are the days the sermon will especially touch my heart or the music lift my soul or a friend’s hug renew my joy. That is why another force was trying to steer me away from the House of the Lord. When I obey that other voice, that day and my week just does not go as well unless I repent.

I have heard people say they do not need to go to Church to worship God. True. But there is strength in numbers. We need to pray for each other, to sing and praise together, to hear how the Word is affecting others. Solitude is fine in short spells, and necessary in your prayer time with God, but too much can open the door to self-involvement, sloth, and depression. Interacting with others in the faith can dispel the darkness that creeps into our souls from the weight of the world. To worship in His House with others is like a mini-baptism. It washes us clean of the world’s sludge so we can be more fit to go back out into it. It is a transfusion from the Blood of the Lamb to renew our strength. We need it. 

Heavenly Father, You instill in us the desire to gather and worship You, not because You need it but because we do. Forgive us the times we do not feel like going to worship. Guide us to experience the renewal of Your Holy Spirit when we join together in praise and prayer. Reunite us in peace and purpose. Fill us with the joy of Your salvation and renew a right Spirit within us. Through your Son. Amen

Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:2

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One Response to “Sunday Morning Blahs or Aahhs”
  1. Norma Vera says:

    Julie, I could not have said it better. That was great. I wish everyone I know who stopped going to church could read your article. Norma

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