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By Jennifer Kearson

It seems many of the holidays are just around the corner. One of the most traditional American holidays is Thanksgiving. There’s nothing like succulent turkey, piping hot rolls, tasty casseroles and grandma’s apple pie. The only problem is, well, grandma is gone to be with the Lord. It seems since her death, I have been noticing more and more people are losing their battle for life. Of course we all want to be with the Lord, but not until it is our time. As we all know there is a season for everything.

Unfortunately, many family members grow up and move far away, so they only get to see each other every so often. If possible, this year I would encourage you to visit relatives for time is very precious. If you can’t meet them during the holidays, find time to call or write. I have found the web cam to be an instant help. Well, at least I can see the person I am talking to.  For those of you who can see your relatives, take time to really get to see each other. I remember as a child we would go to grandmas to visit. After we devoured the food, the guys would go and watch the football game and the ladies would chat. I understand your favorite team might be playing, but do find some time to talk since you don’t get to see each other anyway.

One idea you could do with your family is create a scrapbook and fill it up with pictures of past and present. Another idea is to share a family handy down recipe, especially one grandma or your great-grandma used.  I have also found it fascinating to watch old family videos or share sudden secrets others didn’t know about. Just make sure they are good secrets, for we want peace in the family and not war. Another suggestion is to write family names on Christmas ornaments or place photos in them. Family games have always been a hit with many people. Personally, I have been thinking about have my grandmother’s pink blanket monogrammed. After all there are some things that can’t be replaced.

During the holidays, it is always important to share how the Lord has helped you, as well as, how you have helped the Lord. Maybe someone in your family is struggling to be a Christian and you can share the Love our Lord and Savior has done for us. Don’t judge or become too preachy, but just share the good things and hopefully their eyes will soon open to the Lord’s way. Thanksgiving can also be a time where family members can collect canned foods and deliver them to a local shelter or at their church. It is also a good time to serve food for the homeless if you so choose. If any of you know someone who is in the hospital, nursing home or hospice, it is good time to visit them or send them a card. Old people get lonely too.

Whatever you choose to do for Thanksgiving or any holiday, be sure to tell them you love them. No one knows when he or she could die. I remember I waved at my grandmother when I left for home. I didn’t hug or say I love you, but this feeling came across me that she could die after I left. I know she knows I love her, but I was tired and ready to leave. A few months later, she died. I really wished I had said those words and had given her a hug.

I didn’t get to share my love like I should have, but I made it up with my other grandmother. With God’s help, I was able to pray, read the Bible and tell her how much I love her. Of course you don’t have to wait until the holidays to say I love you to a loved one. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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