Unsigned Hype

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Written By Booker T. Mattison 
Reviewed By Rhonda Clark 

Back Cover:

I’m Tory Tyson, but you can call me Terror Tory because I bring terror to all producers and DJs.  I’m from the hood side of Mount Vernon, which is right next to the Bronx.  I’m fifteen and I already met my future wife.  I just have to get her to see it that way.

Did I mention that my beats and turntable skills are sick?  This summer I’ll be spinning at a block party in my neighborhood on Friday nights.  You should come through.  Its’ going to be hot (pun intended).

Me and my partner Fat Mike are going to enter the Unsigned Hype demo contest on New York’s Power 97, “the nation’s number one station.” If we win, my whole life will change.

But there’s always somebody hatin’.  I’m trying to stay focused, but every day its different drama.

Man, I just want to make it…

My Review:

Unsigned Hype gives a gritty, realistic view into inner-city life.  You feel the despair and desire to overcome.  The strong writing is given authenticity with street slang.  Reading young Tory’s story in his own words gives a greater sense of connection.  Adding vivid imagery and realistic characters only enhances the details.

I really enjoyed this book.  Mr. Mattison did a fantastic job taking this suburban mom into the mind, and heart of an inner city kid.  When I first received this book, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.  The slang writing slowed me down a bit at first, but the powerful message would be lost without it.  This book is a great tool for reaching kids who don't know Christ.

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