The Power of Our Thoughts

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By Norma Vera 

While living in Ft.Worth I bought a new black Ford Focus. Then I moved to West Texas where it rains mud, the sun shines with scorching heat, and the wind blows constantly. I found that keeping a black car clean here, is next to impossible. The other day I decided to take it to a car wash, instead of washing it myself.  The place where I took it was jammed packed.  It was a long wait. My frustration grew as I stared at my wet car sitting in the blistering sun. Other cars that came after me had already come and gone. I begin to think some very unhealthy thoughts.  When they finally finished and signaled me to pick it up.  I noticed that they did a terrible job. My thoughts were screaming. “You bozos, I could have done a better job myself!” I was boiling mad. When I pointed out all the dried water spots, they took my car and waxed over the dry water stains. Thoughts crossed my mind that are not lawful to speak aloud.  I asked them to call the manager.

While I waited for the manager, Philippians 4:8 was gently dropped into my spirit. “Finally brothers whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report; if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on this things.” (KJV)

When the manager came, I politely pointed out all the things that needed to be corrected. He did his best to fix it.

On my way home, I realized how marvelous our thoughts are. We need to guard them with our lives. They are like seeds in the ground that carry in themselves the power to grow good or evil.

Everything grows in the well-irrigated garden of our minds, because it has the right kind of fertile soil needed to produce life or death. Therefore, weeds of thoughts need to be pulled out immediately, before it grows destructive roots. Once the thoughts bloom into words, a great harvest of bitter or sweet fruit will follow. The sad thing is that once we have spoken our thoughts aloud we cannot take them back. The outsider who is listening attentively will discern the motives of our heart – and judge us by our own words. Worse still, our children too are listening, and they will pattern their lives after ours.

The good news is that we are the gardeners of our own thoughts. We decide what can or cannot grow there. Thoughts give shape and color to words. Our words give fuel to our actions, and our actions make the man, the woman or the child. Our lives are shaped and formed by the thoughts we entertain all day long. They can be full of deadly poison or loving kindness. It is up to us. They identify who we are, because they are the value of our character and the sum measure of who we are.

Throughout the ages, many people have contributed great good to society. Some have accomplished great exploits with one million dollar thought – and their lives impacted the world with their brilliant ideas.  While on the other hand, great destruction and wickedness have come upon the world as a result of someone’s evil thoughts. Greatness or defeat is born out of what we think.

We must choose to paint, our thoughts with beautiful florescent colors, and fill them with joy and thanksgiving. Thoughts without discipline lead to chaos. They are as powerful as the mighty sea. With incredible force they can carry great cargo of good or evil across an immense distance of time and space. Their waves can produce enormous amounts of emotional disturbances, pulling the human heart in every direction but the right one. The wrong kind of emotional mindset rules our carnal soul and quenches the Spirit of God within us.

I am glad I kept silent at the car wash. A year from now what will it matter anyway? When I get to heaven I don’t have to give account for my car, only for the words I spoke.

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