Book Review: The Red Siren

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Written by M.L. Tyndall
Reviewed by Maureen Lang

Worlds collide when a lady pirate meets a godly naval captain.

That’s the promise from the back of the book—one of clash and adventure, not only of this realm but of the spiritual, too. M. L. Tyndall’s The Red Siren delivers all of that, and more. Set in the sultry Carolina coast in the early 1700’s, the first scene to the last offers page-turning swashbuckling, witty repertoire and memorable romance. With a heroine who is a lovely Carolina belle during the day, an infamous pirate by night, and a hero who is a swarthy ship’s captain bent on catching pirates, conflict abounds.

Captain Dajon Waite’s duty is nothing less than keeping the Carolina coast safe from pirates, and he’s passionate about his job. Once bested by the infamous Red Siren, a red-headed, beautiful female pirate, he’s intent on putting an end not only to her career but to every brigand roaming the waters he’s been commissioned to protect. And he trusts God to help him in this goal, indeed in every area of Dajon’s life.

Faith Westcott is every bit as driven—but she’s not your average pirate. Determined to protect and provide for her lovely sisters after her older sister is handed over in matrimony to an unscrupulous man (capable of unspeakable acts), Faith’s mistrust of men inspires her goal of total independence in a world ruled by men. Independence not only for herself, but for her sisters as well. Clearly she must take care of them, because if there is a God He’s just not up to doing so.

When the Westcott patriarch, a Rear Admiral in the British Navy, is called to service overseas, he arranges for (in essence coerces) Dajon to be the guardian of his three daughters. With some secrets of his own, Dajon is reluctant to take the position but the promise of a promotion after successfully completing the task is too great to pass up. Between Faith and her frequent nocturnal disappearances and another rebellious daughter in love with a scoundrel, Dajon has his hands full. As an honorable, faith-filled man, he learns to trust God in ways he never has before, and watches Faith discover if she’d only trusted God to begin with, her life might have been far different.

M. L. Tyndall takes the characters to a place where all seems doomed, hope forever lost, and the reader will wonder how could this possibly end happily? But with skill and attention to detail, the author successfully carries all the characters to an ending that will thrill you—well, until the Epilogue reveals Faith’s sister to have embarked on an adventure of her own that’ll no doubt fill the pages of a new book.

The Red Siren is a non-stop read, filled with romance, peril, and spiritual relevance threaded in and around the characters that will remind you of how intimately God wants to be involved in our lives. The best news is this is the first in what promises to be a wonderfully entertaining and adventuresome Charles Towne Belles series.

Maureen Lang is an award-winning author of five Inspirational novels and the upcoming Great War Series from Tyndale House. She makes her home in the Midwest with her husband, their sons and their yellow Lab. My Sister Dilly is a featured book in The Great Escape 2009. You can find out more about her at

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