Cast Your Cares on the Lord Not the Refrigerator

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By Julie Morris 

I could tell from my doctor’s worried look as he removed the blood pressure cuff from my arm that he was preparing to say the words I dreaded. I didn’t mind if he said that my blood pressure was high. What I minded was the lecture that was sure to follow. The one that always started and ended with the same impossible command: “You have got to lose weight!”

There was nothing I wanted more than to get rid of my extra pounds. I had been dieting on and off for years, but nothing seemed to work anymore. It was so ironic that I was the RN Supervisor of a large medical-surgical floor at the hospital, telling people what to do to get healthy, and I couldn’t lose the weight that made my blood pressure zoom out of control.

I woke up every morning and asked God to help me eat right that day, but by lunchtime, with all the stress at work, I found myself saying, “I just need a little something to get me through the day,” and I gobbled up everything in sight. Then, because I had already blown my diet, I continued nibbling all afternoon and into the night. “I’ll start over tomorrow,” I always reasoned.

Like so many others, I turned to food to calm my nerves, and I even understood why: When people overeat, our brains release chemicals, called neurotransmitters, which make us feel better. I had become addicted to those feel-good brain chemicals, and every time I was upset, instead of turning to God in prayer, I automatically headed for the kitchen.

Finally, I got sick of living that way and called out to God in desperation. That was in 1982—the year I lost my weight. I did it by learning practical ways to cast my cares on him—not the refrigerator. Here are a few of them:

1. I started meeting with other Christians who wanted to lose weight. It made an amazing difference when I joined a weight-loss program. We encourage and strengthen each other by studying the Bible together, being accountable to each other, sharing practical tips about healthy eating and learning new things to help us grow in the Lord.

2. I stopped saying that I’m too busy to pray. I found that being too busy to pray is like being too busy trying to vacuum to plug in the vacuum cleaner. I finally quit making excuses and began starting each day by writing in my prayer journal for at least 15 minutes. I write what I ate the day before and prayers about any problems I’m facing that day. I am still astonished at what a difference those few minutes of prayer can make.
3. I began studying the Bible for direction and encouragement with my eating. The Bible gives wonderful promises that help overeaters to eat right. One of my favorites is found in Psalm 103:5, “[The Lord] satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.” By eating the manna of healthy foods on my food plan, my youth has been renewed and my life is truly satisfying. I feel better and have more energy now than I did when I was in my 30s!

Years ago I almost gave up hope of losing weight. I continued to fail because I used food to help me cope with stress. But I’ve learned that by drawing closer to the Lord through Christian fellowship, prayer and applying his Word to my problem of overeating, I could lose my weight and keep it off—and cast my cares on him—not the refrigerator.

Julie Morris, author of 12 books and dynamic motivational speaker, is the founder of Step Forward and Guided By Him–two Christian weight-loss programs that have groups meeting across the country. She is The Christian Pulse’s Team Leader for Health and Fitness.  RN © 2009

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