My Supernatural Dad

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By Joy Thomas  

Being single again with two children was a struggle financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  I was angry at my ex and angry at myself.  I felt that I had let God down, and it was only right that I would have to struggle now.  If only I had been more loving and more forgiving I could have stayed married.

I felt rejected at church, too, where I felt like a second-class citizen.  But then along came Mick.  Mick was single, but he had energy, purpose and love in his eyes. Mick had real compassion for other people. He was confident about God’s love, and he wanted other people to know God the way he did.  He talked about how Bible school had changed his life.
I didn’t know how I was going to make it, but I knew I needed what Mick had.  I drove to Dallas for morning Bible classes and worked at my son’s preschool in the afternoon.  I ran up a huge debt on my credit card.

Every morning at chapel I lost myself in worship and found that God was speaking love to my heart. I knew He loved me, but I still felt condemned.  I couldn’t take it in. I criticized the Bible schol, the other students and myself.  I wasn’t ready for love.

At the end of the semester, I got a full-time job in commercial lending for the summer. My boss liked me, and I was good at what I did.  I started feeling like I was worth something.  And I didn’t feel a tug to go back to school for a whole year.

How could God want me to quit a good job?  He said, “I want things to be easier for you this time.”  Okay, easier.  So, I found a job teaching after school that paid much better than my preschool job.  We had 25 kids, and it was hard work.  Then they took away my aid.  I was on my own.  I couldn’t do it.  I quit.

Then I heard Him speak again.  He said, “I don’t want you to work.”  I laughed.  Remember Sarah laughing when God told Abraham they would have a child?  That was me. “Right, Lord.  I’m a single parent and You don’t want me to have to work when I go back to Bible school.”  I laughed, but I had heard clearly.  I started to apply for another job, but my knees started shaking as I walked toward the office door.  I could not apply for another job.
I spent a week alternating between bewildered joy and anxiety, wondering how God was going to pull this off.  The week before school started I realized I’d have to tell my parents about my work situation.  I couldn’t exactly hide what I was doing since we lived in the same city.  

Saturday morning I sat down at the kitchen table with them.  But my dad started talking to me about my sister.  “Sarah and Jim have adopted three children from Moldova, and they have big debts from their travel expenses and legal expenses.  We’ve made a lot of money in the stock market this fall, and we found out that we can give her stock without paying taxes on it.  Up to $40,000.  That’s how much she owes.  So we’ve decided to give her the stock now while we have it.”

I was very glad for my sister. Then my mom cut in, “And your dad thought it’s not really fair to give your sister all that money without giving you money, too.  We want to give you $40,000, too.”

I convulsed in tears of joy.  God had known all along what they were going to do.  He had arranged for my future and asked me to trust Him.  I knew this was not just my earthly dad providing for me, but because He had told me, I knew it was God.  That money was enough to get me through the next year and a half of school.  And it was just the first chapter in a supernatural adventure of being a single mom and being loved by a supernatural Dad.


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