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By Ryan Mulkowsky  

Josh Lopez is already an accomplished musician and singer who has worked with Israel and New Breed, Martha Munizzi, and others to become an excellent worship leader who has written thoughtful and inspiring lyrics about the life we can have in Jesus Christ.

Having a Puerto Rican background and currently residing in Austin, Texas, he shows his Latin roots in his music. This is especially shown on his current album “Free to Live,” where three of his songs are sung in Spanish, including the beautiful rendition of Aaron Shust’s widely-popular song “My Savior, My God” or “Mi Salvador, Mi Dios” in Spanish. His album has a wide array of different arrangements and genres that will show the versatility and creativity of Lopez.

Lopez is not only a great singer and songwriter; he is also actively involved with an organization called Food for the Hungry which helps bring food to impoverished nations and to orphans that in no other case would be able to get the nourishment they need in order to survive. This shows the dedication he has not only to his music but to the cause of Christ; to go out and share the love of God by not only meeting the spiritual need of salvation but the physical needs of food and basic nourishment. This is something that we as Americans and those of us that live in countries where poverty is not the majority should not take for granted.

The album “Free to Live” consists of twelve songs that will be sure to please as well as inspire you in your worship towards God. The arrangements of this album range from high-energy rock, to soul, to blues, to some Latin, and to a nice gentle ballad. Lopez shows that he isn’t just a great singer and musician with a great band behind him, but who is one with a heart set on singing powerful lyrics that are found in powerful songs and  living them out day to day.

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