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By Brad Shumake  

Looking back at Twila Paris’ successful and illustrious career, her accomplishments have been anything but small. Her recent album “Small Sacrifice” is a gift to God, small in comparison to what God has already has done for us.  Twila’s music career has been far from small.  She has released 22 albums, topped the charts with 33 number one singles, and collected 3 GMA (Gospel Music Association) Female Vocalist of the Year awards.  

Enjoy our recent interview with Twila as she shares her faith, family, and her passion for Christian education!

BS: With the recent release of your twenty-second album “Small Sacrifice,” are the expectations of success the same for this album as they were for the albums you released earlier in your career?
TP: After twenty-two albums I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to record. It’s not so much about expectations, but about gratitude.  I’m excited to see what happens especially since this project is initially releasing exclusively through Lifeway.

BS: What is your favorite song off the album “Small Sacrifice?”
TP: I don’t think I have one single favorite, but one of my favorites is definitely “I Can Do All Things”, which is obviously based on Phil. 4:13.

BS: What makes this song special to you?
TP: In this season of life, I am a working, home-schooling mother, so this song is a bit of an anthem for me.

BS: You have had over 33 number one singles during your career.  Did you ever think that you would have that kind of success when you started your music career?
TP: I was not thinking in those terms at all.

BS: In 1995, you won the GMA Song of the Year for “God is in Control.” How special is that song to you?
TP: That song was written at a time when society and culture seemed to be careening “out of control”.  I feel the message of that song is more timely now than ever.

BS: As an accomplished songwriter, which album do you feel was the best written? Which one was the most personal to you?
TP: I don’t think I would classify any album as “best written”.  Every album has its strongest songs and, by definition, others are weaker.  I think it takes time to identify the best songs because they are the ones that endure.  So, I would say then, that “How Beautiful” is the strongest song from “Cry For the Dessert” and “God is in Control” is the strongest song from “Beyond A Dream”

As far as the most personal album, “Bedtime Prayers” is very personal to me because it’s a lullaby album and I was expecting my son during the recording process.

BS: What sparked your growing passion for Christian Education?
TP: It’s been a gradual thing.  I’m old enough to remember praying together before meals in my public school.  The bible was read over the intercom, we sang Christmas songs and had Christmas parties.  So the changes that have happened since then continue to shock me.  In our public schools today, children learn by example that God and education should be kept separate.  I’ve heard it said that education is never spiritually neutral and I believe it’s true.  That’s why my husband and I are committed to a Christ-centered education for our son.  All truth belongs to God and He is the foundation of all true learning.

BS: What would you say to a young high school graduate that is having a hard time deciding whether to go to a major University or a Christian college?
TP: In recent years, I’ve been made aware of statistics that show a huge percentage of Christian young people attending state schools.  Of those who do, another huge percentage will have either left their faith or declined greatly in their Christian commitment by the time they graduate.  These statistics are based on students’ actual answers to survey questions.

I would also toss in a gentle suggestion that they check out Ecclesia College, where my brother, Oren, is the president.  Ecclesia (Greek, for “called out ones”) is a small but vibrant and rapidly growing Christian college.  It is a work-study college, which makes it more affordable than most private schools.  The work-study aspect is also valuable even for those who could afford to go anywhere, because it is an essential part of the strong mentoring emphasis at Ecclesia.

BS: What do you think is your greatest accomplishment as a Christian artist?
TP: I think I will leave that for others to asses.

BS: On a lighter note, what instrument do you like to use the most when writing your songs?
TP: It is best if I write on the piano since that is the only instrument I play.

BS: What kind of equipment do you use?
TP: I am very low-tech and I write on an acoustic piano.  However, my husband helps when I need to demo songs and ideas.  He uses Logic Studio 8 on a Mac Pro.

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