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By Jennifer Kearson    

Lately it seems bad news has been invading many people. Recently, I found out one of my friends has cancer for the third time. Another young teen was overcome witha type of adult cancer that led to her death. My ninety-one year old grandmother had to undergo surgery twice while at the hospital. With all of this going on, I wonder how to show love and appreciation for people when I feel helpless? How do I help a sick or dying victim in distress?

Many of us first go to the Lord in prayer. I can’t begin to tell anyone the power of prayer. We all need it for ourselves and each other. Even if the outcome is not what any of us expected, God is in control and knows what’s best. Another way of showing support for friends in need is giving a love offering. I know treatments don’t come cheap so any help would be appreciative. For those who have children and no spouse, baby-sitting helps to relieve that extra stress. One of my favorites is cooking for the family or bringing a delicious dish. Also, beautiful flowers can cheer up anyone as long as they aren’t allergic to them. If you can’t see them or you live far away, a nice phone call or a pleasant card will suffice. Hey, at least they know you are thinking about them. Whatever the case, use your talents and show God’s love by helping those in need.

The saying is what goes around comes around. If you help someone in need, then someone will help you when the time comes when you need help. Of course many of us cannot be there for them when they need us this instant. However, we need to do what we can with the resources we have. So the next time you have a friend in need or the opportunity to volunteer, take the time to do it and enjoy what you do. I know the person or people will appreciate it. And of course God will appreciate it too.


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