Before They Call

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By Lisa Buffaloe  

My friend Karen (not her real name) was tired and heartbroken. Her husband had left and was seeking a divorce. In the early morning light, she drove home from her parent’s house where she had been staying with her two small children.

Her home was being listed by a realtor at eleven and she only had a few hours to prepare. With her parents ill and unable to help, she was alone with a baby and a three year old. She prayed asking for God’s provision in preparing the house.

Unknown to Karen, two friends had decided two weeks earlier to make a surprise visit to help with yard work. They didn’t know Karen’s schedule or that a realtor was coming that day. Unsure if she was home, they quietly weeded and mulched each bed and finished by planting flowers. Just as they completed their task, Karen walked through the back door.

Both parties were equally surprised. Hugs and tears were exchanged as Karen shared her earlier prayers and pleas for help. Before she had prayed, God’s plan was already in motion. Karen and her friends were able to get the house ready before the realtor arrived.

The Lord knew the precise day for her friends to be available to help and the perfect timing to be with His child—His love that is listening before we even call.

“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24 NIV).

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