Why Didn’t You Do This?

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By Dan Miller

My friend Cindy Cashman is releasing the 20th anniversary issue of “Everything Men Know About Women” (written under the pseudonym Dr. Alan Francis).  Now this is a great story – 20 years ago she released this “book” to rave reviews.  I must warn you that it is 128 blank pages – thus the title.  She sold over 1 million copies herself.  People bought them by the case load to give away to friends.  Cindy is not a great writer or even a good reader.  Becoming the most successful self-published woman in America is not something her guidance counselor would have recommended.

Now here’s the point.  How many of you are saying, “I could have thought of that!”  Well, why didn’t you?  And, if you thought of it, why didn’t you act on that idea?

Maybe you’re trying too hard to develop a new idea?  Maybe you just need a contrarian twist on an old idea.  In 1956, a couple of brothers named Jacuzzi were selling water pumps for farm use.  Their cousin had arthritis so they designed a special whirlpool bath for her use.  They did nothing more with this idea until 1968 when Roy Jacuzzi took that arthritic pool – and repositioned it as a luxury item rather than as a treatment for a negative medical condition.  Bathrooms have never been the same, and the brothers’ fame and fortune exploded.  

Do you have a unique writing idea you could turn into dollars?  It might be a good time to pick up Write to the Bank: http://48days.com/products.php.

About the Author: Dan Miller considers himself a “social entrepreneur.”  As such he looks for innovative ways to reshape negative systems.  Our concept of “work” is a striking example of a negative system.  Our culture allows us to view work as a necessary evil or even a curse from God.  Clichés like “Thank God it’s Friday” and our eagerness for retirement convey our distaste for our daily work.  In his best-selling book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, Dan shows how work can be a meaningful, fulfilling part of an authentic life.
As co-host of 48 Days to the Work You Love online radio show, Dan shares his process for developing a focused, balanced and truly successful life.  Dan’s principles have been clarified in his books, 48 Days To The Work You Love, The Rudder of the Day, 48 Days To Creative Income and the upcoming No More Mondays.  For free articles:  www.48Days.com


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