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By Julie Cook Hess

Texas seems to grow musicians. They seem to grow on trees, in flower beds, and in about every other corner of the Lone Star State. Shane Barnard and Shane Everett (Shane and Shane), an acoustic duo out of Dallas, are no exception. Best friends since college, the two are out on the road and winning new fans all over the country.

I had a chance to ask some questions of the road-weary yet upbeat Shane Everett about Texas, home-sickness and motorized transportation. If you live in Santa Barbara, watch out for their motorcycles speeding by.

JCH: We’re interested in learning more about your group’s beginning. How did the two of you first meet each other? When did you first begin performing together? You both went to Texas A&M; did that experience play a role in bringing you together? 
SE: Shane and I met at Texas A&M University in the fall of 1997. Shane B’s room mate was part of the team who scouted talent for a concert on campus called Island Party. This would end up being Shane B’s first concert. He had one problem though … no guitar! We had a mutual friend who suggested that he call me. What are the chances! So he called, and I loaned him my guitar. This encounter began our friendship. Over the course of the next year, we became great friends.

JCH: You basically cut your teeth (musically) playing in the bar scene. Several Christian musicians have played in bars and sprinkled in some Christian songs that have really touched people along the way. Do you ever long to go back into that scene more extensively so you can use your music to reach more people? Do you see your ministry exploring opportunities to bring your music back to those venues in the future?
SE: Not really. Not because we wouldn’t jump at the opportunity; it just has not presented itself. We also love playing on college campuses. 

JCH: Other than from God, where do you get most of the inspiration for your songs? Do you write songs together or individually?
SE: Songwriting is a mystery to us. There is no set formula or ritual. Shane Barnard is the prominent writer and will more than likely continue to be. Inspiration comes from difficult times in life or a moment when scripture has jumped off the page. Our songs are very personal and usually find their origin on the pages of Shane B’s journal. I hate to sound cliché, but the inspiration is definitely divine. 

JCH: It seems like so many Christian artists are from Texas. They seem to grow out of the ground there. What is the secret about the Lone Star State?
SE: First of all, in August nothing grows in Texas. Not even artists. We have many friends in the industry from our home state, and we are proud to be lumped into this crew of outlawed country ruffians. I have no idea how that happened, but it’s good to see our local flavor all over this great country. “God Bless America” … especially if it comes from the Lone Star State. Although it might be the ranch style beans.

JCH: You both have been performing with some big names lately like Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman on the Glory Revealed tour. How has the reception from the crowd been? Have you had a chance to get to know the other artists pretty well?
SE: These guys are the Godfathers of Christian music, and we were honored to take part in such a big event. The tour was amazing, and we were shocked at the humility of all who were involved. These men are the real deal. They love the Lord; they love people. That spoke volumes to us as well as to the people who attended every night.

JCH: Tell us a little about The Waiting Room Ministries. It seems like a Christian support group of sorts.
SE: I can understand your confusion. Waiting Room Ministries is a non-profit organization started by Shane and I about 5 years ago. We set it up to model simplicity in our life. We are on salary, which in the music industry is not the norm. It really makes a difference if you want to buy a house. Through the ministry, we have had many opportunities to be a support to the body in really amazing ways. From retreats to hip replacements, it has allowed us to be a part of some really great things.

JCH: As touring musicians, how do you keep sane on the road and do your families have a tough time with it? How often do you get to go back home?
SE: Shane and I have made a home out on the road, and it has become somewhat normal to us. Now I don’t think that this is a healthy philosophy to adopt, but, nevertheless, it is the truth. I am the only one who is married, and my wife and I just had our first child. We are now adjusting and trying to be home more. My wife has traditionally traveled with us and road managed for the past 3 years. I think sanity is overrated, but if there is any semblance of hope for us, it has to be communication. When you live on a bus with 11 guys and one girl, you better talk about what bothers you. If you don’t …watch out! I think this is a lesson we are still learning, just talking though each others expectations and needs. It seems simple but is the key to a successful road life. Don’t forget prayer, a lot of prayer. I can really be a jerk after about three days of NO sleep!!!!!

JCH: Do you guys have a favorite city? You know, one you always look forward to visiting?
SE: We love Santa Barbara, California! It is beautiful, and we can’t wait to have days off filled with food, fun, and rented mopeds. We cruise the city in style on our 50cc Harley imitations. Go down to the pier, have a pretzel or two, and finish it up with some light shopping. What a day! The good life in the serene weather of the California coast.

JCH: Looking at your tour schedule, it seems like God is blessing your music career abundantly. It must be thrilling yet terrifying to make a living as musicians. Many aspire to do that but, few actually reach their goal. What originally spurred you guys to take that step of faith to pursue music full-time and tour extensively?
SE: If we only knew then what we know now! Wow, Shane and I were both business majors in college and had NO idea we would be playing music for a living. The summer before Shane I began playing full-time, we were your average college students with part-time jobs. Shane B was doing road construction, and I was working at a coffee shop. It was a bit easier for us starting out because we were used to living on ten dollars a week. So initially we would go and play for gas money, and people just started calling. Here we are eight years later and still going. It has changed significantly, and we are still growing into the ministry the Lord has called us to in this season. Holding on is probably the best way to describe what has gone on. I guess we just said “yes,” hopped in a car, and drove. Now the car is just bigger.

JCH: You guys have a pretty nice MySpace page. What are your thoughts about MySpace? It seems to get a bad rap much of the time. Do you both find that it significantly helps spread the word about your music? Or, is it simply a necessity in this age we’re living in?
SE: We use it and believe it has really helped us connect with our fans. A lot of what we do is considered “grassroots,” and the online communities of myspace/facebook/xanga are so accessible to people today. MySpace is also a great way to connect with people on the road. We can send out mass messages or post blogs so that all of our friends can see what is going on in our lives. We know people who don’t use Myspace because of the advertising. We really haven’t felt like we need to stop using it, although we may in the future…the hackers are annoying though.

JCH: Where do you see the duo in five years?
SE: I have no idea. All I know is that I will have a six year old child. That is crazy. I love what we do, but I try not to hold on too tightly. I could be in a church somewhere or on a Shane and Shane tour. I am seeking the Lord and hoping to love Him more daily. I am not very good at that, so I will do the best I can with what we have now.

Shane and Shane use Breedlove Guitars (Live-Breedlove, Studio-Breedlove) and they also have a deal with Gibson.

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