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By Heather Allen –

When I was younger, my days were spent racing alongside the boys that littered the neighborhood. Somehow I managed to withstand their boyhood shenanigans. Every summer day was spent streaking through imaginary borders in an attempt to capture a flag. And when that game grew weary we simply ran off the backyard dock, leaping high as we cannon balled into the lake. I felt invincible.

But then adulthood set in. I found my belief that adults are always right shattered along with my presuppositions that life is logical. And I learned that being older does not necessarily mean being wiser.

Today I listened to a sermon download that ended with this verse “If God be for us, who can be against us?”(Roman 8:31 NIV). The pastor described that what is being conveyed here is that Christ took our place, and no can undo that cleansing forgiveness. A year ago I painted this verse and placed it on my fridge, liking the thought that God was cheering me on, an “I am for you” kind of chant ringing around me. I did not see the depth of what was right in front of me. So much bigger than having someone on my side, I had someone think I was worth buying back. And that someone just happens to be the Creator of the universe.

I am not aging as gracefully as I had hoped. The wrinkles are spreading and signs that I am decaying crop up at almost every dentist appointment. Yes, I do floss. But I am increasingly aware of my frailty physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Growing older has only taught me that I know less than I thought. And reading Scripture has convinced me that I am utterly lost on my own, incapable of anything good or right or true.

Sometimes I lay awake trying to understand why God created us, knowing what we would do, and what it would cost to redeem us. Perhaps the moments where I stand at the edge of my children’s beds, visually tracing every facial detail I love, while they sleep, is the closest I can come to understanding this. I know I would give my life for them, and I would do it without being asked. And yet even with that expression of great love, laying down my life, I would not be able to change their eternity. But praise God because He could and He did.

He is the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through Him.

False religion is everywhere, even in the church body. And some of the falsehoods are easy to swallow because they are partially true and told by people we believe. I am weak and often unwise and being told that the gospel requires more from me is something that can motivate this perfectionist. But the simple, beautiful truth is my part is trust. And even that is a gift from Him. I have sinned and deserve hell. Christ paid for my redemption. He is both the author and perfector of my faith. I may be weak, but it’s okay because He is strong.

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