Bump into God in the Parking Lot

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By Pam Kumpe –

Do you think God looks for us in the parking lot of life? Does he have to yell before we will respond?

My hubby’s parking lot incident sent my thoughts to wondering how I’d react if God came looking for me, or if I’d hear the Lord call my name.

One night, I had driven back to my hometown, knowing, I needed to stop at the store for groceries. I didn’t want to circle back to do this task, however my schnauzer was in the car, so I need hubby to pick her up from me.

After I begged, he offered his assistance, to make a puppy exchange in the parking lot, so I could go shopping.

I parked my car, turned on the dome light and opened my car window. Macy’s black nose twitched in the cold air as I kept watch for hubby’s red Tonka truck.

Zoom. Zoom. He rounded the parking lot, and I expected his truck to pull up behind my Honda, only he zipped right past me and turned down the other lane.

This routine of drive-bys continued five more times. Finally, I dialed his cell phone, tracking the moving target. I didn’t wait for his hello. “What are you doing?”

Of course, in my retelling of this story, my voice is much calmer and sweeter. It’s always nicer on paper.

Hubby responded with, “I can’t find you. I’ve been driving around. I’m parking my truck and since you see me, you bring Macy to my truck.”

I grabbed my puppy and walked to his truck. Handing my barking pet to hubby through the window, she licked, whined and loved on her human daddy giving him doggy smacks.

Their reunion was interrupted with my yelling words.

“Ray. Ray. Ray. R … A … Y!” I bounced up and down like a pogo stick at his window, and with each roll of the tires, I screamed his name.

When his truck crashed into the car parked in front of his, Ray realized his foot had slipped from the brake pedal.

Crash. Boom. Bang. Dents. Scrapes. Embarrassment.

I learned from this situation, to never ask my hubby to make a doggy exchange, and to never stand outside of his truck while he has a dog licking his face.

However, when it comes to God, I must be ready at all times, so I can make the best exchange of all. The Lord wants me to put on the brakes and roll ahead with victory, as he directs my steps.

Scripture tells me, that whoever listens to God will dwell safely, and will be secure without fear of evil. (See Proverbs 1:33.)

In other words, a life listening to God has less bumps, and fender bender moments, however if we need to make a love-exchange with the Lord, he’ll meet us anywhere, even in a parking lot.

He will drive up and down the lane as he searches for us, ready to deliver his message of everlasting love, the hope we all need when life crashes in, or in the case of my hubby rolls ahead and into other folks.

Pam Kumpe writes a weekly inspirational newspaper column for the Bowie County Life/ Texarkana Gazette newspaper. She is the host of “Permission to Have Fun” an online radio show filled with fun, faith and encouragement, with the idea of rejoicing in the Lord, even when life seems out of tune. http://www.pamkumpe.com

About Pam Kumpe

Pam Kumpe writes a weekly inspirational newspaper column for the Bowie County Life/ Texarkana Gazette newspaper. She is the host of “Permission to Have Fun” an online podcast filled with fun, faith and encouragement. She is the author of three books, “A Scoop of Inspiration,” “See You in the Funny Papers” and a children’s book “In the Lick of Time.” When life seems out of tune, she sings with her bird Angel, who also sings off-key and she often shares her blonde escapades speaking at retreats and events, for more go to http://www.pamkumpe.com

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