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By Carin LeRoy –

Listen to any song and you will get multiple responses from all of us. We clap, tap our feet, dance, sing along—sometimes all of the above! Music has a way of engaging our emotions and bringing out our rhythm. When my 18-month-old grandson, Logan, hears music he starts shaking his shoulders and dancing around in little circles. The sound of music puts a little jig in his heart, and his body demonstrates his pleasure. We watch in delight at his cuteness.

The Institute of Creation Research recently had an article on their website which states we are uniquely designed for music. They said, “Humans have a unique capacity to experience music. Dogs, for instance, hear the sounds of music but do not recognize them as music, and do not derive a similar pleasure from listening to them. This solely human characteristic…makes sense if people were originally intended to enjoy their Creator through pleasurable activities ordained by Him.”

Although I love all types of music, I prefer to listen to Christian music. To me, it keeps my mind focused on something positive and helps me to worship God as I listen. My heart is encouraged and uplifted through hymns, praise and contemporary songs. I listen and am reminded of God’s greatness. Discouragement, depression, fear and any number of emotions dissipate as we listen to words of encouragement and praise through music.

The pleasure we derive from music is God’s gift. It’s one of His ways to connect with us. Many Scriptures express how His people need to worship Him with song and music. Feeling down or discouraged? Turn on Christian music to praise and worship God. It will do wonders with your outlook on life.

PRAYER: Thank You for the gift of music and that through music, I can praise and worship You—for You truly are a great God!

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song. For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all else” (Psalm 95: 1-3 NIV).

Today’s devotional is by Carin LeRoy, wife to Dale, mother of three grown children and one high school teenager. She has served as a missionary with PIONEERS since 1982. Her passions are family, playing and teaching piano, missions, and writing stories that show glimpses of God.

About Carin LeRoy

Today's devotional is by Carin LeRoy, wife to Dale and mother of three grown children and one almost-grown teenager. She has been a missionary with Pioneers since 1982. Her passions are family, missions, piano, and writing to challenge others to live faithful lives for God.


3 Responses to “Turn on the Music!”
  1. Hally Franz says:

    I agree. Music is one of the greatest pleasures that we have, one of His greatest gifts to us!

  2. Robin J. Steinweg says:

    Yay! It’s one of the few things we get to take with us to heaven!


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