Christian Fitness Tips Can Save You Money

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By Laurette Willis  –

Do ads for expensive fitness equipment, pricey gym memberships and overpriced weight-loss programs have you down? No need to get bent out of shape financially just to keep in shape physically.

Make any fitness tip a “Christian Fitness Tip” by adding prayer or Scripture to anything you do! Pray and walk, recite memory verses on the rebounder; praise the Lord and dance; proclaim scriptural affirmations on the rebounder
or treadmill; talk to the Lord while cleaning house and thank Him for your family and possessions He’s blessed you with….

Here are seven skinny tips to burn the fat without burning a hole in your wallet. How many more ways can you think of to invite the Lord to help transform your workouts into worship?

1. The Journey of 10,000 Steps
An inexpensive pedometer at your local department store can help you meet that 5-mile recommendation for good health (10,000 steps = 5 miles).

2. Stepping Out
We’ve heard this before: take the stairs instead of the elevator and park further away from the entrance to the store. Such habits make fitness a lifestyle (instead of something you’re doing just to lose a few pounds).

3. Cleaning Up
Cleaning house can help you burn over 200 calories in 30 minutes. Want to really spruce things up? Moving furniture around can up the ante to about 450 calories per hour (but watch that back!).

4. Flashdance!
Turn up the radio, take out the Gospel music CDs, or crank up the mp3 and boogie (or “baile”!). Shake away that breakfast burrito by shaking the blues away, praising the Lord and burning calories for free at the same time!

5. More Bounce to the Ounce
Ever bounce on a mini-trampoline or rebounder? It’s not just for kids! A low-cost rebounder is great for the lymphatic system and provides a terrific low-resistance workout that is easy on the joints. You can burn about 4-9 calories
per minute on a rebounder (a 150-lb. person will burn 120 calories in only 20 minutes jogging in place on the rebounder.

6. Do You Love Lucy?
You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer or fitness coach to motivate you–try the buddy system. Lucy had Ethel, Andy Griffith had Barney Fife. You and your friend can encourage each other to keep in shape and go the
extra mile (whether Ricky and Fred want to go or not!).

7. Gym in a Bottle
Don’t have the extra money or space for fancy gym equipment? No problem! Use the stairs instead of the StairMaster®. Gallon jugs with water can become inexpensive hand weights. A gallon of water weighs about 8.33 lbs. Too weighty? Try soup cans instead (just don’t strap them on for leg weights-you’ll look really silly).

Getting and staying in shape need not be a costly proposition. Plus, the benefits can actually save you money as your health and energy level excel!

Christian Fitness Expert Laurette Willis, the Director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry ( and on Facebook, would like to invite you to get your free Christian Fitness Kit at . Take part in her free monthly teleseminars at

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2 Responses to “Christian Fitness Tips Can Save You Money”
  1. Great article. Terrific tips.

    I just heard a fitness expert say, to keep moving, every bit of movement helps.

    Thx for reminding us. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Nike! Yes, keep moving both physically AND spiritually. I love that when we combine faith and fitness we can continue to grow and be “transformed by the renewing of (our) mind” on the Word of God. He is faithful!

    Keep movin’ — and praising the Lord!

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