God on the Spot – Part 11: The Remaining Prophecies

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By Dianne E. Butts –

Even though in the last two articles in this series we saw numerous prophecies fulfilled, God is not off the hook yet. God is still on the spot to bring about all His remaining promises, which are prophecies of our future.

One day the disciples asked Jesus, “What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3; see also Mark 13, Luke 21). Jesus, speaking around 30 AD, gave a list of future events. Nearly 2000 years have elapsed. So are we any closer to these things happening?

Here are twelve prophecies God is on the spot to fulfill before Jesus comes again:

Israel back in the land: Predicted: Ezekiel 20:34 (also Isaiah 11:10-12, Jeremiah 31:10, Luke 21:24). Fulfilled: Israel had not been a nation since the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD forty years after Christ. But after World War II and Hitler’s attempt to annihilate the Jews ended in 1945, the Jews returned to the land. Israel officially became a nation again on May 14, 1948.

Nations against Israel: Predicted: Matthew 24:15. In order for the antichrist to set himself up in “the holy place” (the Temple in Jerusalem) and proclaim himself God (“the abomination that causes desolation”) and demand the whole world worship him, there must be 1.) a one-world government system controlling all the citizens of the world, and 2.) a Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.

Being fulfilled?: I first heard the term “The Quartet” around the August 1, 2010, when I picked up a new book on prophecy titled, The Israel Omen by David Brennan. According to that book, The Quartet is the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia. Imagine my surprise when I next heard that term in a secular radio news report on FOX radio news on or around August 18, 2010. This report announced “The Quartet” had arranged for peace talks between Israel and Palestine to resume in Washington D.C. the week of September 2.

Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem: Prediction: Matthew 24:15. Being fulfilled?: The Temple Institute (http://www.templeinstitute.org/) in Jerusalem is currently building all, and has already completed many, of the items needed for the Temple to resume its ministry when it is erected in our future.

Wars and rumors of wars, nation will rise against nation: Predicted: Matthew 24:6-7.

Famines, earthquakes: Predicted: Matthew 24:7.

Persecution of God’s people: Predicted: Matthew 24:9.

Many will turn from the faith: Predicted: Matthew 24:10. Called the great apostasy or the apostate church.

Many come claiming to be Christ, deceiving many: Predicted: Matthew 24:5, 24.

False prophets deceive many: Predicted: Matthew 24:11, 24.

The love of many will grow cold: Predicted: Matthew 24:12.

The gospel of the Kingdom of God will be preached in the whole world: Predicted: Matthew 24:14.

“This generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”: Predicted: Matthew 24:34. The generation that witnessed Jesus did not all pass away before the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 AD. The generation that witnessed the attempted annihilation of the Jews by Hitler and the rebirth of the nation of Israel could be the generation that will see all these things occur.

December: “God on the Spot – Part 12: Taking Us into His Presence” Besides Christ coming again, God is also still on the hook to take those who accept Him as their God into heaven for all eternity. But until then, we can put God on the spot today. In the final part of this series in December, we’ll see how.

© 2010 Dianne E. Butts

Dianne has written for more than 50 Christian print magazines and seventeen books. Her work has been published in Great Britain, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, and Korea. Follow the progress of her current book of true stories she compiled to bring help and hope to those who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy at www.DeliverMeBook.blogspot.com. When she’s not writing, she enjoys riding her motorcycle with her husband, Hal, and gardening with her cat, P.C. in Colorado. www.DianneEButts.com

About Dianne Butts

Dianne has written for over 50 Christian print magazines and contributed to nineteen books. She is the author of Deliver Me: Hope, Help, & Healing through True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy. Her work has been published in Great Britain, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, and Korea. When she’s not writing, she enjoys riding her motorcycle with her husband, Hal, and gardening with her cat, P.C. in Colorado. www.DeliverMeBook.com www.DeliverMeBook.blogspot.com www.DianneEButts.com


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  1. Cass Wessel says:

    Intriguing presentation of prophecies which can readily be applied to our own time.

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