Sand to Sea

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By Peter Lundell –

Imagine your whole life washing away in the ocean. I did when my daughter and I built a sandcastle on our vacation.

I stood by the water, facing land, and the castle looked great. People even came by to take photos, as if they’d built it themselves. Then I stepped to the other side of our sand monument and faced the sea.

Against the vast expanse of waves, the castle looked puny, miniscule, like nothing. And I knew it would wash away.

We built another castle after some little kids had fun kicking down the first one. Their parents apparently thought it was fun too. The second one still stood when we left to go home. But I knew that if it survived a kid’s foot, it would not survive the next storm or big wave.

Like the first castle, my life could end suddenly. Or I might slowly wash away in old age. Either way, the impressive things I’ve done with my life are like sand at the edge of the ocean, whose waves will eventually wash away every trace.

So what do I do about it? Panic? That’s wasted energy. Cynical disillusionment? That only makes things worse. Build bigger castles? The waves are infinitely bigger. I’ll never get out of this world alive, and I can’t take anything with me. Instead I’ll focus on what is not temporary and physical, what cannot wash away. And what brings more joy and purpose than anything else.

Jesus’ teaching, and his great commandment of Matthew 22:37–40, all come down to two things: loving God and loving people. To follow Him, my life becomes an act of worship to God and of blessing to other people. Worship is not only what I do in a Sunday morning sanctuary; I worship God daily, hourly if I have the focus to remember. I worship God with a right heart and mind attuned to Him, with a life lived as He taught me to live it. That honors him and finds intimacy with Him, whether in daily details or life ambitions.

Whatever castle I build, I’ve come to accept, even anticipate, an eternity that washes up like those ocean waves. How about you?

PRAYER: Lord, I offer up my life as an act of worship. May my thoughts, my goals, my attitudes, and my feelings be in harmony with Your Spirit. May my words and actions honor You and be a blessing to others.

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love our neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments’” (Matthew 22:37–40, NIV).

Today’s devotion is by Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power. A rising new voice on connecting with God, he is a pastor, Bible college teacher and conference speaker. Visit him at for his inspirational “Connections” and free downloads of articles, parables, short stories and book chapters.

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Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power and other books, is a writer, pastor, and Bible college teacher. At you can see his books, subscribe to his inspirational “Connections,” and get free downloads of many articles, parables, and short stories.


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  1. Carin LeRoy says:

    Thanks, Peter. It reminds me of the quote I’ve heard often about our life here on earth: “Only what’s done for Christ will last.” That’s so true – loving God and loving people – that’s what matters.

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