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By Julie Morris –

If you have been in a Christian weight-loss group, you already know. If you’re just getting ready to join, you are about to find out first-hand: It will be life-changing! With the help of your group, you’ll be able to do things you would never be able to do alone. There is strength in numbers.

Do you know why?

In your group, you have friends who love you unconditionally. They won’t judge you, give unwanted advice or talk about you behind your back. They are like the family you may have never experienced. They encourage you to make healthy life-style changes even when it’s hard and you want to give up.

That’s why God exhorts us to get together with others when he says: “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25 NIV).

You have two very important things in common with others in your group: a problem with food, and a desire to get to know God better. You don’t have to pretend with each other. You have hidden your hurts, but now you can relax. You’re among friends. It’s a relief to find others who think the same way you do, have struggled with the same things and have made the same mistakes.

You come from all denominations, different backgrounds and various ages. It doesn’t matter. When you relate without masks, you understand each other. When you walk in someone’s shoes, you know them and appreciate them. When you look at life through their eyes, you are able to see your own better.

Your goal is not just to lose weight, it’s to draw closer to God and become more like the person you’ve always wanted to be.

In Christian weight-loss groups, growth is contagious! You inspire each other. You see how God has helped those in the group and what they are doing to know him better, and your faith grows. You hear yourself say, “If they can do it, so can I!” You want to change, and, because you have a mighty God and the encouragement of your group, you know you can.

The love in Christian weight-loss groups is a real example of Christian community. You listen, empathize, pray for and help each other. You don’t take responsibility to “fix” each other or carry other members’ burdens because you know you have a wonderful God who is far better able to do that. You care about each other and share what God is doing in your lives. You study His Word together and confess your weaknesses to each other. And, together, you recognize choices where you thought you had no choice. You grow and learn and face the future with a new sense of expectancy because the love and acceptance in you group free you up from things that have held you prisoner.

There’s something else special about each Christian weight-loss group: it’s a safe place. Because you don’t judge each other and are careful with confidentiality, you can be yourselves, take off your masks, be honest about your mistakes–both accidental and premeditated–and no one will criticize you or gossip about you. Even better, no one will make you feel guilty or (heaven forbid) lecture you. You are loved and accepted just as you are.

Now that fall is in the air, why don’t you consider joining a weight-loss group or even starting your own? There are many groups available to choose from. What do you have to lose… besides extra pounds!

Julie Morris ( is the author of 12 books and founder of two Christian weight-loss programs: Step Forward ( and a lighter and easier version of Step Forward, Guided By Him (

About Julie Morris

Julie Morris is an internationally recognized author of 12 books, popular motivational speaker and founder of two Christian weight-loss programs Step Forward ( and a lighter and easier version of Step Forward, Guided By Him ( She would love to show you the way to a thinner, not so stressed-out way of living. E-mail her today!

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