Book Review: Texas Roads

Written by Cathy Bryant –
Review by Nike Chillemi –

Texas Roads does not disappoint. There are enough secrets in this intriguing debut novel by Cathy Bryant to keep any mystery lover turning pages. Dani Davis has lost her father and the husband she’s just discovered was cheating on her. She  never really fit into her wealthy family’s glitzy lifestyle, and she doesn’t get along with her socialite mother. So she leaves Dallas and sets off to meet Mama Beth, her mother’s small town sister.

On the approach to Miller’s Creek, her sports car runs out of gas and she’s picked up by Steve Miller, a dusty, unshaven cowboy who turns out to be the town’s mayor. Well, there may be an attraction, but they’ve also taken an immediate, visceral dislike to each other.

Unimpressed with what he feels is a stuck-up, spoiled young woman, he unceremoniously dumps her at the town’s general store. Once home, he gets out of his dirty clothes, dresses for dinner at Mama Beth’s, and gets the surprise of his life when Dani turns out to be the other guest at the table. He thinks she’s out to scam Mama Beth in some way and wants her to leave town ASAP. Both Steve and Dani have huge emotional issues and as the pages turn, Mama Beth pours her love out to both of them.

The townspeople seem to accept her, especially a group of old gents she calls the old geezers. Dani begins to feel she might have finally found a home. Being a truly wise woman, Mama Beth tells Dani that her true home is with the Lord.

Cathy Bryant has crafted this novel so skillfully with twists and turns upon twists and turns, much like an old Texas road. Steve, as mayor, is trying to revitalize the town. Dani gets an idea to use her inheritance to start renovation projects and enlists the aid of a Dallas attorney she knows, but she wants her role in this venture kept secret. Nobody can know it’s her money behind the restoration. Naturally, when it becomes necessary for her to meet with this attorney at odd hours, Steve thinks she’s involved with the man. Then the small town gossip mill begins. To top that off, someone is setting fire to buildings that were just renovated. The gossip mill says Dani and her attorney friend are the arsonists.

However, there is yet one secret to be revealed, and it’s a heart-wrencher. When the secret comes out, it sends Dani into a tailspin. Finally, Dani realizes that her home is with God. Then in the romance department, true love does finally conquer all.

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