In Our Father’s Arms

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By Susan Dollyhigh –

Blonde curls bounced as the blue-eyed little girl pranced down the aisle. The pastor had called for all the children to join him at the front of the church for the children’s message. The little blonde-haired girl joined the circle of small boys and girls seated on the carpeted floor.As the pastor spoke, some of the children squirmed and looked around but not the little blonde girl. She sat very still and kept her eye on the pastor as he spoke. When the pastor asked the children a question, her hand shot up and with an animated face she answered with the honesty that only small children possess.

The pastor concluded the children’s time with prayer and each child began to find the way back to their seats in the large worship center. As the little girl found her way back to the correct section, she paused as her eyes scanned an endless sea of faces. Not seeing her parents, she bravely proceeded up the aisle with slow, but certain steps, her eyes timidly taking in the faces seated in each row.

As the little girl continued her slow journey, another couple began waving their hands so the little girl would see them and then hopefully notice her parents close by. But as the little girl looked at them, her pretty face frowned with an expression that said, “No, you’re not my mommy and daddy.” And she kept right on walking. As the little girl got closer to her parent’s aisle, her father stood so she could spot him. A smile replaced the frown as the little girl climbed into her daddy’s arms where she felt safe and secure again.

As we go through life, do we let the waving hands of someone else or the distraction of something else take our focus off of following after our Father? Are we distracted by waving hands that aren’t His? Or do we just keep walking with slow, but certain steps until we see our Father? We, too, will feel safe and secure again—in our Father’s arms.

“Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. He who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous” (1 John 3:7).

About Susan Dollyhigh

Susan Shelton Dollyhigh is a free-lance writer, columnist and speaker. Susan has two children and three wonderful grandchildren and resides in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Susan is a contributing author in Spirit and Heart: A Devotional Journey, Faith and Finances: In God We Trust and The Ultimate Christian Living. Susan’s articles and devotionals have appeared in Connection Magazine, Exemplify Magazine, Mustard Seed Ministry, P31 Woman, The Upper Room and The Secret Place. She is also a contributing online writer for and


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  1. Emily Meyer says:

    I love this story!!!!

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