A False Worship

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By Nina Medrano –

When the Black Gold Casino had their Grand Opening just across the Texas/New Mexico border, my brother invited me to join him and his wife. Never having been inside a gambling casino, I was curious as to what the whoopla was all about, so I went.Upon entering the casino my senses were over stimulated by the number of colorful slot machines, like soldiers, lined up in rows covering the entire floor. And along the walls were side-to-side high dollar monster machines that were ringing and flashing their lights enticing the person sitting there to feed it more money. The cigarette and cigar smoke and whiffs of beer competed for air space with the cold air conditioning. Suddenly, an overt loud ring sounded in the room and every one stopped and looked towards the direction of the alarms announcing a winner. Other players stood nearby and hovered, waiting for the winner to leave that seat so that they could try their luck.

My brother returned from the Cash Money booth and equipped us with our very own Black Gold slide cards. We searched the floor for available slot machines to accommodate the three of us as close to each other as possible. There were none, so I stood near my brother to watch and learn as he toyed with his slot machine. It looked simple to operate, so I ventured out on my own.

I took my time looking around for an available slot machine, but found myself watching the people instead. What was it about these noisy, colorful machines that captivated the people for hours? Well, I thought that before I sat at one of these for any length of time I’d better first run to the ladies room.

Inside the nicely decorated ladies room, I heard the most beautiful music. It sounded like church. I wondered whether the next building adjacent to the casino was a church. The music was so beautiful that it sounded like waves of anointed worship in session. I began to hum and quietly sing worshipful songs onto the Lord in harmony with the beautiful music sounding through the restroom walls.

There were a couple of ladies in the restroom with me, and as we washed our hands, I asked them if they knew if the adjacent building was a church.

“No, it’s not.  It’s still part of the Casino,” was their reply.

I, then asked them where this beautiful worshipful music was coming from.

Both ladies, as they were exiting the ladies room, laughed and said, “That is not music that you hear. That is the cacophony of all the slot machines in the Casino.”

I stood, shocked and alone, in the ladies room. How could I have been so deceived as to have mistaken the casino sounds with the Throne room sounds of God’s worship? But then, was not Lucifer over the worship when he dwelt in the heavens with His holy angels?

Does not the word of God say that even the stones will worship Him if there is no one else to give Him worship? Is it no surprise that Satan, formerly Lucifer, would create a counterfeit, a false worship sound unto himself?

Nina Medrano, a native to the West Texas area she writes for her local church blog, “Tapestry Talk” and is a published writer for The Christian Pulse.  Nina is currently working on children’s stories that teach and self-help articles for parents of young children.http://www.cotrwomensministry.blogspot.com/, www.thechristianpulse.com

About Nina Medrano

Nina has served the Lord Jesus Christ in Children’s, Women’s and Prison ministries in Texas, Mexico and Italy. Currently, she lives in West Texas and writes for her church Women’s Ministry blog at: http://www.cotrwomensministry.blogspot.com/


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  1. Norma Vera says:

    Great Job Nina! Keep up the good work.

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