The Supernatural within the Natural

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By Peter Lundell –

Within the natural world do you see hints of the supernatural? Could the fingerprint of God—the evidence of His supernatural presence—be on us all? And on all the world?How does a fully formed miniature person come out of a woman’s middle part? Science can explain how a fertilized egg becomes an embryo then human being. But science cannot fathom how it is possible in the first place.

When this life grows, how can a mass of human protoplasm, which is 55 to 60 percent water, fall in love? How does a person with a physical body connect with a God who is spirit?

Though scientists can reduce most things to quantifiable lab experiments, beneath explanations often lie unexplainable causes.

How does a bird migrate a quarter of the way around the world to find the same spot every summer and every winter? How can the earth, through earthquakes and hurricanes we hate so much, keep its geological and atmospheric equilibrium, so critical to the preservation of life—and without any help from us?

Of course there are answers, but how are those answers possible? Every natural law of physics, chemistry, biology, and their related fields bears God’s stamp. Within the natural resides the supernatural.

In a sense, much of life might be seen as a miracle. But when the supernatural alters the natural order in an unusual way, we truly call it a “miracle.” Occasionally science grudgingly acknowledges miracles but more commonly passes them off as mystery. Yet when we see the wonder of God’s fingerprint throughout the natural world, the genuine supernatural miracles are not farfetched. They’re an extension of God’s presence already there.

If we have eyes to see, we might glimpse the presence of God everywhere. How are your eyes doing?

PRAYER:  Lord, give me eyes to see You in the mystery of creation. Help me see the wonders of Your work in the things we so often take for granted.

“This is what the true God, the Lord, says¾the one who created the sky and stretched it out,

the one who fashioned the earth and everything that lives on it, the one who gives breath to the people on it, and life to those who live on it: ‘I, the Lord, officially commission you; I take hold of your hand” (Isaiah 42:5–6 NET).

Today’s devotion is by Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power. A rising new voice on connecting with God, he is a pastor, Bible college teacher, and conference speaker. Visit him at for his inspirational “Connections” and free downloads of articles, parables, short stories, and book chapters.

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Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power and other books, is a writer, pastor, and Bible college teacher. At you can see his books, subscribe to his inspirational “Connections,” and get free downloads of many articles, parables, and short stories.

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