Book Review: Face of Betrayal

Written by Lis Wiehl and April Henry –
Reviewed by Nike Chillemi –

Face of Betrayal (A Triple Threat Novel) by Lis Wiehl and April Henry had resonance with me because I’ve stayed close to the girl who lived next door to me when I was I child. In fact, I sent her this political thriller for Christmas.The main characters are three women who became close in college and remained friends. Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor who is getting death threats, is married, expecting a baby, and is a practicing Christian. Nicole Hedges, a FBI special agent investigating child porn, was brought up Christian but has since become agnostic. Cassidy Shaw, a popular TV reporter hops from one religious fad to another and from one bed to another. They have banded together to find Katie Converse, a seventeen year old Senate page who went missing when she returned home to Portland on Christmas break.

The book has many twists and turns, and it soon becomes clear to the three women investigators that Katie wasn’t as innocent as her parents think. According to her own MySpace page, Katie may have been having an affair with the married Senator who was mentoring her. Naturally, the Senator becomes the main suspect and he in turn lies and manipulates to keep his affair with the girl under wraps. The main problem for the investigation is they haven’t got a clue what happened to Katie. It’s not likely a straight A-student with political ambitions would run away. That leaves kidnap or murder. There are no signs of a struggle, no ransom note, and no body.

The three female investigators are all strong, capable women who have risen to prominence in their professions…and who love chocolate. In fact, the series is named after their favorite dessert, Triple Threat Chocolate. These women are flawed, yet likable. Their characters are realistic and well developed. I became involved in their lives and grew to care about them. Allison is joyful at the prospect of motherhood and is terrified of the individual sending her hate mail and stalking her. Although Nicole knows she’s done a lot of good in her job, the sexual predators she pursues on a daily basis have her emotionally wrung out. And, Cassidy is in denial about the abuse she’s taking from her current heart throb.

There are scenes sprinkled throughout containing prayer, hymns, and Bible verses. The three women discuss Christianity vs. agnosticism and New Age philosophy, though religion is not the main focus.

Sadly, the activities of Katie, the two-faced teenage Senate page, rang all to true. I wish I could say I was not aware of similar behavior on the part of teenage girls where I live. A few of the lesser characters use mild profanity, which is in keeping with their personalities.

About Nike Chillemi

Nike Chillemi has been called a crime fictionista due to her passion for crime fiction. She is a member of ACFW and the Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers on Ning. She was an Inspy Awards 2010 and a Carol Awards 2011 judge, She is the founding board member of the Grace Awards, a reader's choice awards for excellence in Christian fiction.


2 Responses to “Book Review: Face of Betrayal”
  1. GracieNan says:

    Very good review, enjoyed it very much and am now very interested in purchasing this book. I have seen on the Factor Bill O’Reilly promote the book, but I did not ever get a review. This review covered well the subject of the novel as well as the characters, and made the characters become real.

    Enjoyed also that the book discusses Christianity and alternative religions within it’s context. Sounds really good, as I and my husband enjoys sleuthing as well as good intense characters.

  2. The book is Christian friendly. It’s out there selling to a secular audience and subtly presents a Christian world view.

    Glad you liked the review.

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