Banging Heads Against the Tree of Evolution

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By Darren Marlar –

Five years of college – four credits.  School was not my best subject.  They held classes before eight in the morning.  How can anyone expect to learn anything that early?

When I did make it to class, I remember hearing my Biology professor, Mr. Knowsitall, claim that my great-great-great-great-grandfather was an ape. Read more

God’s Promise

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Rainbows grab my attention because they are so magnificent and so rare. This past week we were fortunate to witness an expansive rainbow on the Florida coastline. As the rain lifted the sun shone through the clouds. A prism of vivid colors splashed the surface of the water. I could scarcely keep my eyes from staring at the glorious sight. Each time I tried to focus on another aspect around me, my eyes were drawn back to the rainbow. It reminded me of God’s promise after the flood—how the bow in the sky was a sign to the people that this promise will be kept for the rest of time. It was as if God’s arms reached down from the heavens and arched to caress the earth. Read more

Paying the Price

June 29, 2010 by  
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By Lori Freeland –

A few weeks ago, I stood in line at the local courthouse; speeding ticket, driver’s license and proof of insurance in hand. While I waited, I sifted through all the possible explanations I could use to avoid parting with $162. On this particular Friday afternoon, the desk was short one clerk, and the line was long by about seven people. No doubt waiting was part of the punishment. Read more

Gas Gauge Worries

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When my youngest was only four, he became what I’d describe as a worrywart. His anxious days began the day we got in the car and found the tank on empty. The previous driver had left us to drive on fumes. I told my older son to pray we’d make it to the gas station or we’d be walking. Read more

Why I Go to Church

June 28, 2010 by  
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By Caroline Jackson –

We often wake up on Sunday and think that God won’t mind if we miss a morning in church because He knows our hearts anyway. I discovered recently why this doesn’t work for me and why I try to faithfully attend. Read more

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